And the first blown pick of 2005 NBA Draft goes to...the Lakers!

Ronny Turiaf, the West Coast Conference player of the year at Gonzaga and a second-round pick of the Los Angeles Lakers, has an enlarged heart and will need open-heart surgery, possibly ending his career before it ever starts in the NBA.

It’s too bad for the guy. I definitely wish him the best in his recovery and in the rest of his life, whether he plays basketball or not. And I do have to give props to the organization, which seems intent on covering his medical bills.

But man, it is delicious to contemplate the look on Phil and Kobe’s faces. It’s not on the level of Len Bias or anything, but on a talent-poor team made that way by Kobe’s mustard-on-the-hot-dog attitude they needed all the help they can get. And Phil, despite his incredible coaching credentials and history, just got a stake driven through his smug little heart.

I say that the Lakers will be sucking hind tit again this year. Maybe with a few more blown drafts like this they’ll be relegated to the basement in perpetuity. God, do I hope so.


A formerly loyal but now merely casual Celtics fan who was 10 years old when the franchise effectively died and despises the Lakers with every fiber of his being

At last we can finally agree on something, screw Kobe!

I’m a bit depressed though that with the new CBA, the Lakers will be able to dump Grant’s bloated contract. I was hoping he would screw them fiscally for a few more years.

I thought this thread was going to be about the Lakers’ questionable selection of Andrew Bynum in the first round.