And the heavens opened. . .

. . .and a chorus of admittedly overweight angels began to sing: “Halle-fuckin’-lujah, it’s about time. For yea, verily, we have waited 12 years to once again partake of the fatty goodness that is Five Guys.”

Yes, I just found out that a Five Guys has opened in Portland. Had lunch there today. Me so very happy.

WHAT??!!! Where? ::rubs hands together::

In the Fred Meyer building on Johnson Road and 82nd. They sure have grown. We used to go to the then locally-known take-out-only tiny joint in Virginia. This place was very busy, lots of tables. But the burgers are still generous and fresh, and so are the fries. Yay!

::stores in memory::

Store Locator says there’s two, with the other one in Cedar Hills mall in Beaverton. That may make me actually consider going to Beaverton.

They are apparently undergoing a West Coast expansion – they’re popping up all over the Bay Area like mushrooms.

Love their fries, but I like In n Out’s burgers better. And why don’t they sell milkshakes?

Probably because it’s too labor-intensive. We don’t have In n Outs here because we don’t live in la-de-da California. :dubious:

I don’t know, but I can assure you that every single time, without question, that I’ve ordered food at a Five Guys, I’ve asked for a chocolate shake as my drink, and been told that they don’t have them. At that point I always complain about it. It’s force of habit for me, because every other time I’ve gotten a wholesome double-cheeseburger and fried, I’ve ordered a chocolate shake.

I always complain that they don’t have Crisco, in addition to ketchup, mustard, and other condiments.

Last weekend, I was returning home through Dulles. My flight was late getting in, and I was starving. I looked down the concourse, wondering what food options were available, and saw Five Guys. I checked the sign board and saw burgers and fries, so I said, “what the hell”, and got in line. I ordered “only” a cheeseburger (anyone who has ever seen their burgers will understand why I put quotes around the “only”!), but, once I got in line and actually saw their fries, I went back to the end of the line and ordered a “small” order of fries.

It was just what the doctor ordered. Heavenly.

Do you do this at the same place every time? Does the guy behind the counter roll his eyes when he sees you walk in? :slight_smile:

Five Guys seems a bit pricey – regular burger, regular fries + regular soda = $10. But a regular burger is damned substantial, and regular fries easily feeds 2 people. So bring a friend, split the fries, and get the “little” burger (no one will mock your manliness).

Probably for the same reason In & Out doesn’t sell tacos… I actually prefer In & Out over Five Guys. I wonder if Five Guys has a “secret menu” like In & Out does?

Yeah, the regular burger is a monster and a large fries is huge. The best part, of course, is that the meat is never frozen, the patties never pre-cooked and the potatoes local and fresh.

A Five Guys opened in my suburb of Chicago a while back. I’d heard so many good things that I was very excited when I finally got the chance to try it.

I was not impressed. Sure, it was a big burger, but it tasted only so-so (bland and uninteresting, IMO) and was *way *overpriced. The fries were good, but not outstanding. Didn’t come near living up to the hype.

I much prefer Meathead’s, which arrived a few months earlier.