And the heavens poured forth onto New Jersey.

From here: CNN.Com (SFW)

Seems the heavens are slinging forth small metallic-lookin’ objects at the East Coast. Insults and naughty gestures to follow soon . . .

Man, it’s amazing I got out of there with my life!

It appears to be made from Brass.

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Thar’s gold in them there skies.

What for?

Also, how do you know it’s brass? Is there another link out there I missed?

‘Brass monkey, that funky monkey!’

It doesn’t do much to describe the article.

It resembles Brass in the photo, on the left.

Oh no, it didn’t wipe out any dinosaurs in New Jersey, did it? Like maybe Martin Brodeur?? :slight_smile:

No, if it were going to take out dinosaurs, it ought to have hit Joe Louis Arena–Yzerman ain’t exactly a ‘spring chick’ no more. . .

Marty would have stopped that meteor, I guarantee.

Maybe the UFO which was seen over Chicago dumped its holding tank over NJ?

Brass or bronze, is what I thought too.

Nawww, Dino is just fine (except for the occasional broken neck, of course).

Maybe I missed something in the article about something falling from the sky onto New Jersey then.

It resembles, but at this point we just don’t know what it is or what it ain’t. Please, don’t speculate.

‘Brass monkey, that funky sky-borne object’ just doesn’t have the same ring.

I was thinking about this at work tonight sometimes my job is just soooo interesting… Looking at the pic again, it could either be brass or bronze (I know my metals, by sight) If it was a meteorite, what are the odds that the exact (or close) composition of either of those is possible? Pretty unlikely, IMHO.

Also, if it was a meteorite, where are the burn marks from entering the atmosphere? It appears completely shiny and worked, as if by tools. Maybe it didn’t come from space at all…

Ok. Searching around, I found this pic of it. Doesn’t have that yellowish or bronze colored hue at all. Just looks like a plain old iron meteorite with some rust.

I might have an answer…perhaps unconnected, but it’s one hell of a coincidence…

Go here for images

The rocket launched in December. The main portion re-entered the atmosphere Thursday.

Assuming an ellipical orbit, could it have brushed against the upper atmosphere long enough for small pieces to break off, resulting in the New Jersey impact?

Maybe it’s a really giant penny from heaven?

I’ll get my coat on the way out.

Whatever the cause, I am confident that we are all in agreement on one point: New Jersey deserves God throwing rocks at it. :smiley: