And the Next Video Game to be Turned into a Movie Is. . .


While I have to admit that I think it’d be pretty cool to see guys doing battle on giant flying ostritches on the big screen, I can’t really see how they’d make a movie out of it. But hey, maybe they’ll finally explain how to kill that damned pterodactyl.

I’m sorry…my mind boggled.


Minesweeper - The Movie

I can’t see how they think Las Vegas will be able to be floating in as few as 25 years. And how riding birds to joust on will become possible in 25 years.

Seems to me it should be a Fantasy or SF story set in an entirely different world.


Global warming?

I’m still waiting for the big-screen adaptation of Dig Dug.

Well, duh. :rolleyes:

Aim your lance into the pterry’s open beak, but only when it’s open. Counterintuitive at first, since the mouth only opens when it’s lunging in for the kill. The trick is basically to hover, and manage your altitude very carefully as you wait for it to strike.

Geez, how did you make it out of the 80s alive?

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

So… what are the four quadrants of the movie-going public?

IIRC it’s something like Young males, young females, adult males, adult females.

I always thought Contra would make a good movie.

Stallone/Van Damme?

I wonder if they will include running like made to collect eggs before the land melts and they drop into lava?

Here I thought it would be the much anticipated announcement of World Of Warcraft: The Movie!

Joust?? Wow. Well, maybe we’ll be seeing the exciting new Pong! next on the hit parade.


I’m holding out for any videogame movie that starts with the letter Q. Qix or Q-bert would be awesome on the big screen, although you might have to be truly stoned out of your freakin’ gourd to appreciate a full-length Qix feature.

I think that might be better suited to a TV series. A really long series. With no plot. :stuck_out_tongue:

My hopes for **Mr. Do: The Movie ** are dashed yet again.

Shame too, there’s a sequel all ready to go!

Q-bert would be Rated R. All that foul language.

I think a movie based on Heavy Barrel would be great. Just mindless violence with a variety of weapons, and then, when it seems everything is doomed and this is the end… HEAVY BARRELL!!! Yeah that would own.

On the other hand, I think a movie based on Sinistar would suck. Everything would move too fast to follow, the hero would die to things he could’t see, and then the big bad guy would appear in about 2 minutes and it would be over. Sound would be great though.

How about a video game version of 1942/1943, Tiger Heli, or Xevious? Just two straight hours of watching an aircraft fly in one direction and singlehandedly incinerate thousands of enemy craft. Two tiny wing mounted guns completely blanketing the screen with fire in a 60 degree arc. Now that’s some exciting film in the making there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or maybe a movie version of Time Pilot. That’s right, a one-man spacecraft from the future, armed with a laser, blasting the living shit out of some Sopwith Camels and bomb-lobbing blimps. That’s a fair fight. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I was gonna jokingly suggest Berzerk: The Movie but actually two hours of a guy wandering through a factory blasting the shit out of robots would be pretty damn cool.