And The Simpsons Are Headed For The Big Screen

I dunno if it’s going to work or not.

The writing has always been good for the tv show. I’m sure it’ll work.

Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a point to making a movie, other than to say, “Hey, we made a movie!”

90 minutes? I can’t help but think it won’t be sustainable as a single coherent story for that length.

I agree. It seems like it would just be a two-hour long episode. Hopefully, they’ll do better than that.

Shouldn’t the title of this thread be, “Woo-hoo! The Simpsons Are Going to Hollywood!”

Well, technically, they’re already there, since they’re on TV and all, and I’m not quite convinced that this is going to be good. I’m still not willing to condemn it outright, of course, but I’m going to need some convincing that they can pull it off.

A two-hour long Simpson’s episode of average Simpson’s quality sounds better than most movies I’ve seen.

While I love the Simpsons, I really don’t see how this is going to work. A two-hour long sitcom? It’s been done before and it invariably sucks. I’d rather see a two-hour long space-adventure comedy. They should make a Futurama movie.

Has there been any update to that rumor that was going around a few years ago that Bart was going to lose his virginity in the movie?

No offesnse, Cisco, but that seems about as likely as interracial dating on The Cosby Show.

Supposedly, direct-to-DVD Futurama movies are a distinct possibility.

Amen to that.

Not to nitpick but as a comedy, and and an animated one at that, there’s really very little chance that this’ll be longer than 90 minutes.

If we agree that there will be a certain number of published critics who do not like the film, I venture to predict that more than one review will consist of the following single word:


We should have a contest to see who can find the most reviews that fulfill that prediction. Let’s meet back here a couple of weeks before the movie opens and we can agree on the details then. :slight_smile:

Huh? Is Michael Jackson doing another guest shot?

Both the “South Park” and “Beavis and Butthead” feature films were perfectly good, enjoyable movies.

I remember the same rumor. I also remember that a simpsons movie wasn’t going to be done until the series had reached it’s end.

Interesting news though.

Groening stated in an issue of Rolling Stone a couple of years ago that he would not have MJ back on the show. Ever. I don’t remember if this was before the current MJ scandal broke or not.

The South Park movie was great. I think that’s the exception and not the rule though, and is the result of the creators being filmmakers first and tv show writers second.

We must’ve read the same article that no one else remembers or they never read, because I also remember it saying that the movie wouldn’t be done until the series ended. I believe the article came out the last time they renewed their contract, ~5 years ago, maybe?

How long ago was that? I know for a long time they wouldn’t even admit that he was on the show in the first place. He was uncredited and they refused to answer the question of whether it was indeed the gloved one himself or just a really good impersonator.

Some time within the past 2 years. I think it was around the time they renewed the contract the last time, but I don’t remember for certain.