And the winner of the Grace VanderWaal Award for 2017 is...

12-year-old ventriloquist and Golden Buzzer winner Darci Lynne on America’s Got Talent!

Absolutely amazing!

I don’t always +1 but when I do, it’s for this OP.

Very impressive, both for the ventriloquism and the singing voice.

What’s the Grace VanderWaal award?

The three most impressive acts were a ventriloquist, a clown and a robot. I was surprised when Merrick didn’t get the Golden Buzzer, frankly.

The stage presence of the close up magician wasn’t very strong, but the magic itself was awesome. Never seen anything like it.

For once, I actually agree with SA. That act was adorable af.

A fictitious award that references last year’s winner, 12-year-old singer-songwriter Grace VanderWaal, who won the show performing her own songs. The talent some of these kids have at such an early age is amazing.

Puddles Pity Party is awesome. I follow him on YouTube, and have since I saw him perform with Postmodern Jukebox. I don’t watch AMG, but when I saw that he had auditioned, I had to check it out. I hope he goes faaaaar.

Link? What was the magician’s name?

I wonder if the ventriloquist girl has multiple voices/dummies?

If you click on the link above, the next video is of her on some British show with 2 other puppets with 2 different accents. She’s very talented.

Any ideas on how he does it? What would Penn and Teller (at least Penn) say if he showed up on their show? To me it looked like it was an optical effect, with different levels of lighting showing different coin positions. But boy, he was smooth regardless of how it was done.

Agree, looked more like a trick table than manipulation but was still a good illusion.

I think of Puddles as a very well established professional musician. I’m a bit surprised he was allowed to perform on AGT.

I watch his videos regularly.

The ventriloquist girl has an excellent voice. She could easily qualify for the show as a singer.

I wonder if Simon will encourage her to perform without the prop?

Mike Geier portrays Puddles. He’s been in several bands. I’m pretty sure he’s had classical voice training.

Mike should easily make the finals. Unless fans tire of the mute clown character.

This exposure will certainly be a major boost to Mike’s career.

The Pendragons were “allowed to perform on AGT,” and keep in mind they had appeared on at least one NBC magic special in the past. Stand-up comic Wendy Liebman was “allowed to perform on AGT” three years ago, and made it to the semi-finals, even after having her own Showtime special two years earlier. Season 8 winner Kenichi Ebina was reasonably established in Japan before appearing on AGT, IIRC. Season 3 winner Neal Boyd had won some “national collegiate opera” competition before appearing.

If she can keep switching her puppets, then she has a good chance of winning. Based on her story, I had a feeling that either (a) she might make it to the finals, but the voters would just get too tired of the same character, or (b) she would fall into the trap of “change for the sake of change.”

No ideas really other than he is a wizard(Harry).

I just thought it was awesome. Trick table, optical effects, Don’t care, I want to see more.

Can anyone link to this performance, or give the name of the performer? I’m very curious now…


His name is Will Tsai. Here is the performance. The trick is usually done by palming the coins, but he is obviously not doing that, he seems to have a trick table.