And Then There Were Five: UPN, WB to Merge

The full story is here.

In short, starting in the 2006-2007 season, UPN and WB will become a new network, called the CW, with WGN, WPIX, and KTLA as flagship stations.

I think they should call it WUP.

This is great – I’ll be able to watch Veronica Mars without waiting for the DVD. :slight_smile:

Better yet, WZUP…

So what’s going to happen to WWOR and all the other redundant affiliates in markets with both UPN and WB?

As long as they don’t mess with Smallville it’s all groovy.

Better yet…WTF

And for those scratching their heads over where the letters “CW” come from: Columbia Broadcasting System (which owns UPN) and Warner Bros.

I’m curious about the redundant affiliates too. I’d also like to know which shows will be carried over and which will be cancelled, since there isn’t room for all of them. But to paraphrase friedo, as long as they don’t mess with Smallville or Veronica Mars, I’m fine. If they could stop calling new episodes “fresh”, I’d like that too.

Well, they can’t do worse than UPN or WB individually… or can they?

Im happy if this means I can watch WB shows without getting cable.
(Tho I’m not 110% which shows I’m interested in, other than Smallville)
And as previously mentioned Veronica Mars stays on the air.


Better than the WC. :slight_smile:

This is probably good news for me. The shows I watch on UPN and the WB are probably safe (Veronica and Supernatural).

While certianly not an official statement of what will air, it is a good sign. With the possible xception of “everybody hates Chris”, the only UPN show I care about is VM.


I was just reading this. The article said they would be in 95% of the US market after the merger.
For all the **AD ** fans and **Futurama ** fans maybe they would even give these shows extended/new life.


The expectation seems to be that those stations become independent (that is, not affiliated with a network) stations, but it’s not fully certain yet.

I’m waiting the merger that will create:


I thought it was CNNBCBS, a division of ABC.

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You’re thinking of FOX network.

KTLA Predicts! Future Date 2013: CBS, NBC, ABC, the CW, RCA, the CIA, the FBI, the NBA, R. Crumb and CPO Sharkey merge into a single network, simply called “The B,” which stands for “Broadcorparamounationamericolumbrothersystem.”

And… You Are There!

No, Fox gave up on these shows. I thought maybe the new larger CW network would possibly rescue them. Just a minor thought.


I had no idea that they were two separate networks…

Big deal.

All the cr@p get scraped into one big puddle, that’s all. :dubious: