And then there's the TEXAS Republican Platform...

Um, no, Otto, I’m saying what I said. […dumbfounded stare…] Namely, that it seems to me that Gore had a golden opportunity to ridicule Bush’s “compassionate conservativism” crap by using this platform to show that, indeed, his own party has no compassion.

NEWSFLASH: Al Gore ran one of the worst presidential campaigns in living memory.

“In the butt, Bob!”

That joke works on so many levels for this thread. :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s a variant on the old “oooh, degrade me, humiliate me!” kick.

spits food at monitor
This is fucking funny. Half the stuff fell out of my ham sandwich because I squeezed it when I was laughing.

Thanks, man.

Well, 12-step programs don’t accept governmental money, so the Texas GOP is barking up the wrong tree if they think they can fund them. As for 12-step programs being wholly “faith-based,” well…it’s been rather a while since I’ve been to church…

I know you make a lot of strong statements that sometimes offend people, but I have to stand with you on this one. It really did seem like Otto just made up what he thought you said out of whole cloth.

Thanks, Elenia28. Interestingly, I just finished watching my DVR programming, and John Kerry was doing pretty much exactly that on the Daily Show. He used Republican policies to poke fun at Bush’s “compassion”. Whoever ran Gore’s campaign needs a slap upside the head. Just so you know, I’m a recent Gore convert — because of this speech.

It is one of the finest political speeches of our time.

At least they believe it’s an equal opportunity exploiter.

Man, this is so absurd. These people are so wacked! I can only laugh…

…and slink off my chair…

…and crawl under the desk…

…and get into the fetal position…

…and cry.

It’s repulsive, and addictive…

It’s Tomacco!

(obligatory simpsons reference)