Honorable Republicans - are you out there?

This shall be a fair and balanced rant.

I had Republican leanings once upon a time, but damned if this administration didn’t knock it out of me. Right from the start the lies flowed out of this white house like water through an opening dam. Damage everywhere! Porn bombs (whatever those were) on the computers! Phone lines cut! Damn you Bill Clintonites! Damn you alll toooo hellllll!!!

The GAO investigates, and what do you know. No evidence of any wrongdoing by outgoing Clinton staffers. Down here in Texas we call that kinda thing a LIE.

And oh there are so many more, but let’s just touch on them briefly so I can get back to pretending to work. Some various ridiculous stuff that’s come from the Bush administration or the Republican party in general over the last 5 years or so:

  • Push polling in southern states asking respondants if they’d be more or less likely to vote for John McCain if they learned he had fathered a black child.

  • Flyers distributed stating John Kerry wants to ban the Bible and allow same sex marriage.

  • Iraq has something to do with 9/11.

  • WMD in Iraq. Yellow cake from Niger. Lies lies lies.

  • Terry Schiavo is alert and responsive, I saw her on video!

  • Gay sex? Why don’t we legalize man on dog sex while we’re at it!

  • Speaking of Rick “Man on Dog” Santorum, not only does he want gay marriage to be illegal, he wants to legislate gay sex out of existance all together. Yes, the man wants the government to be able to stop what’s happening in our bedrooms. This is conservatism?

  • We’ve become a country that goes to war not because we have to, but because we want to.

This is a very short list; there’s plenty more where it came from, sadly. And this isn’t wacko righty fringe, this is the actual Republican party.

And now the Rove situation. Far be it from me to prejudge an ongoing investigation based on media reports. I’m sure you’ll be happy to answer questions when the investigation is completed.

But screw all that - the guy did it. His lawyer said he did it. I really have a hard time believing that any honorable person can defend this activity. Do you really think this is all partisan trickery? Do you really thing Rove did nothing wrong? Do you really think Valerie Plame was just a chick getting the coffee at CIA HQ? How can anyone possibly defend these ridiculous claims?

For the record, I’m not a Democrat. I’m not really anything. I’m Chris. I’m a progressive Christian that thinks are going way off in the wrong direction in this country. The liberal side of me agrees with the Democrats on a lot of issues. The conservative side of me agress with the Republicans on zero issues. Didn’t they used to be conservative? :confused:

So let’s hear it. Tell me what you think of all this. Tell me how you can be an honorable person and be a Republican. Can this party be saved? When I was younger it seemed like we would disagree on plenty of issues, but at the end of the day on both sides of the spectrum were honorable people. Remember how when choosing between Clinton and Bush Sr. we thought we were choosing between the lesser of two evils? Ha! How little we knew what we had coming.

My bro-in-law is, well, used to be, a Republican. He’s highly honorable. However, he’s also deeply divided from this administration - he basically despises everything they’ve done. He wonders how they can even call themselves either a) Republican or b) Conservative.

I only hope that there are tons more like both of you.

For the love of God and country, I urge all good Republicans to take their party back. I wonder if Ike, Nixon, and Reagan are all rolling in their graves with the antics of the pretender to their throne.

You know, Nixon has been called America’s Richard The III, but I truly do wish that he was President, rather than Bush the Younger. He actually was a smart, cunning, brillant mind, if paranoid as hell.

We’ve been thru this one before.

The GAO report found that

So what do you call that down there in Texas?


Mine is as well, and is a very honorable and intelligent man. Except for one bit of wonkiness. He decided to vote for Bush this time around because “I’m going to have to face God when I die, and I don’t want to have supporting the homosexual lifestyle count against me.”

How such an intelligent guy could go so far off the tracks is beyond me.

Link don’t work.

IMO, Reagan was the start of when the Republican party went south. Nixon was smart but nuts, so I wouldn’t use him as a good example. I think Teddy Roosevelt is a better example of a good Pub president–now <u>that</u> was a leader. One of our best Presidents. Sadly, I think he’d probably be considered fairly radical left today, even by Democrats.

The Republican party has not been conservative for a very long time. The Democrats have not been liberal for a very long time. Our parties make no sense and mainstream politics are a sham. I’m a registered Democrat on paper but in reality I have no party–I’m not willing to pledge allegiance to a group that will change their objectives at the drop of a hat and not make a stand. The Republicans stand for evil, and the Democrats stand for nothing. It’s honestly hard to see which one is worse, sometimes.

Aha! More sabotage by those rascally Clinton staffers!!

You can read it here.

And I overstated it in my OP (a little too much stream-of-conscienciousness for this kind of post), but the final report was nowhere near what the White House would have had us believe. Still, feel free to knock it off my list. A apologize for the error (see how that works, Karl?).

What do you think about the other points I’ve brought up Shodan?

I’ve been bitching about this for a while. I’m here, I’m not happy.

What we need are a list of good Republicans.
George V. Voinovich is one, from what I hear.

You sure about that? How many of these things were actually sanctioned by the RNC and how many of belong to people, or groups, calling themselves "conservatives, but who’re acting for at their own behest?

And this particular item has been true for more than a hundred years. Democrat politicians are just as guilty as Republicans of instigating unnecessary wars.

From what I’ve heard, Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t been too bad of a governor. I think he’s fairly moderate, as republicans go. I don’t live in California so I don’t really know what his administration is like.

I would guess this is software left on the computer that after a certain period of time begins displaying porn. I guess the prank is that you start the timer, and like a month later whoever is at the computer gets a surprise faceful of porn.

LBJ, anyone?

You mean other than having the lowest rating of any governor ever?

In relation to Vietnam, let’s not fail to mention Truman and Kennedy. And yes, Eisenhower as well.
A 3:1 Democratic edge in warmongering. Or 3:2 if you count Nixon’s Cambodian episode and prolonged disengagement

  1. Rove apparently was informed that Plame was a CIA worker by a media personage earlier.

  2. The “leak” occurred in a call from the media person to Rove, and they brought up the story anyway.

  3. Plame is not a covert and will not become a covert operative. In any case, Rove only mentioned AFAIK that she had helped select her own husband to go on a fact-finding mission. This is not exactly top secret, and Rove had no reason to think it was.

Seriously, there never was any story here. It’s just another manufactured media frenzy.

That said, I don’t like everything Bush has done, but the media and certain sections of the left have gone bananas in recent years. They constantly make the wildest accusations. Even the most ordinary doings (and not just at the White House or Conservatives in general) have been blown into ridiculous media “scoops”.

Hey, it’s the Republican talking points, still with the numbers and everything.

Just out of curiosity, if there was no crime committed, why did the CIA refer a criminal charge to the justice department? Are they the Clinton Intelligence Agency? And why has the investigation taken two years? Is Fitzgerald that incompetent?

Hi, I’m Little Nemo and I’m a Republican. I consider myself honorable but I suppose that’s for others to judge.

But I didn’t vote for Bush. I hate what he’s done to the party; the cynicism, the lies, the hypocrisy, the appeals to stupidity and fear, the short-sightedness, the pandering to polls and special interests, the devisivness, the incompentence, the disdain, the lack of principles.