And to all: A Good Night

Dear Fellow Members,

I am about to embark on a journey into the unknown. A path I know is fraught with danger and trials and tribulation.
My trusty laptop which has served me so well in my travels over this planet is about to be upgraded to Windows 10 (Developers Preview)
If you don’t hear from me again in 48 hours, your will find my listless body along the shore of Lake Michigan muttering “Why? Why?”.

Best Wishes & May You Avoid the Blue Screen of Death!
But wait… that’s for the Real person, the one that exists IRL out there, somewhere. What about the internet persona in your laptop? All their files? Their whole world that might be trapped in your PC, behind that BSoD forever?
Who worries about what could happen to him?

What happened to Windows 9?

For God’s sake, don’t do it!!! Think of your family!!!

Victim of marketing decisions. They skipped the name and went to 10.

10 … you know, that could be in binary. Which would mean return to good ol’ Windows 3.whatever as the next one after it! Time is a loop, right?

Maybe because it sounded too much like “Windows? Nein!”

Like how German nuns count to 10

“vier, funf, <spits> p-tui, sieben”

As no one else has, I’ll give the correct answer; seven ate nine.

Aren’t you upgrading to the consumer preview instead of the developer preview?

Microsoft has decided to use base-8 numbering for its operating system.

For me it would be a very stupid thing to only have one computer. I have two backups.

My impression is that laptops are trickier to change operating systems on than desktops–special drivers, etc.

Has Microsoft decided to change their policy on upgrades from the developer versions, or are you ready to install new when the time comes?

(I assume you aren’t doing what I do and cloning the drive before installing. or else there’s be no problem at all coming back if the installation failed. With a slight registry flip, you can even boot straight from the clone.

*Please *remember to document your travels for those who may follow

Probably the canonical answer. I think, though, that in reality eight ate nine. But that’s not as funny.

Once you get there, will you be able to report back? Has anyone?

:: ominous silence ::

Yeah, 7 is kinda skinny to have eaten a full bodied number like 9. 8, OTOH…