Windos 10

Deliberate mis-spelling.
Technical Preview…hmm. Kind of impressed.
(Actually extremely impressed)
MS user/pr0gramer/geek since before the internet…

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Reported for forum change.

My bad.

Apparently you can run a beta (or alpha?) version of W10. Has anyone tried this? I think you can install directly on a PC or on a virtual machine so as not to muck things up.

Since I sincerely have NO idea what you’re trying to do, I’ve moved this to IMHO from General Questions.

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Thanks. It was intended to be in IMHO but wasn’t paying attention.

Yes. The Technical Preview is available. You need to register with MS.

So, say more. I have no time to play with it, but I’m eagerly waiting for it to replace my Vista machine without having to suffer through Win DeadwEight.

(This is the SDope, where we all agree that cites and hard facts are important.
But for this post,I’m gonna break the rules, and say something based on ignorance, since I have zero knowledge of Windows10.)

But I’m going to make a general observation about software:
If the geeks love it, then it sucks.

A good operating system shouldn’t need to be loved…It should simply work.
It should do its job easily, and so intuitively that an average user doesn’t even notice it.

So what’s the point of the deliberate misspelling? I don’t get it.

I guess they’re offering a free upgrade to 10 for Windows 7 users. I signed up for it on the MS site. Supposedly they’ll let me know when it’s available.

It makes me a little nervous. I want to try win 10 but Win 7 works fine. I don’t know if I want to take the risk and funge it up.

I like Windows 7 also, but remember that it’s about five and a half years old. The “mainstream support phase” ended in January. As I understand things, that means no more non security-related updates.

If you guys are using Windows 7 and have never even tried Windows 8 I wouldn’t go upgrading anytime soon. Windows 8 takes a lot of getting used to. Yes, with 8.1 you can boot into the Win7-like GUI but it still has a lot of very annoying ‘quirks’, I mean ‘features’! I only wound up with it because me PC died and I couldn’t find a new one that still had 7*!*

And besides, under the hood Vista, Win7, Win8 and Win10 are all still just the Vista 6.x kernel…

Windows 9, now that’s for me.

Fewest bugs, that’s for sure.

I thought the point of Win 10 was to eliminate the cute little quirks of Win 8, like no real Start menu. A 7 -> 10 upgrade might be simpler than a 7 -> 8 upgrade.

I have Win 7 on my work machine, though I don’t do much with it except to get into a Solaris session so I can get real work done.

His “w” key broke while writing the title?

I think DOS might be the key to the deliberate misspelling.

I’ve got the Windows 10 technical preview installed in a VM on this machine. I don’t like it as much as Windows 8.1. The Modern UI tiles seem quite difficult to interact with in their place on the side of the Start Menu - too ephemeral.

I don’t understand the misspelling either. Is misspelling ever hyphenated? :slight_smile:

I’m leery of Mangetout’s assessment that the Windows 10 UI is more difficult than Windows 8’s, because I find Windows 8 almost unusable. I suppose I’d get used to it in a few weeks (or months) though if I were forced to use it.

I’ve been using Win8 since shortly after it came out and I like it a lot. I’m skeptical of your assessment that it’s ‘almost unusable’. What on earth can you be trying to do that’s so hard?