Wndows 10 update is getting extra annoying now.

They added a new bit of torture. :frowning:

It came up tonight with a scheduled date to update. It’s done that before and you could just dismiss it.

This time the tricky bastards had the default set to confirm the update if you just dismiss the window. You have to click into a box and click “cancel update”.


I need to find out the name of that win 10 nag update and uninstall it. Take care of this crap once and for all. Otherwise, I suspect they’ll just shove Win 10 onto our PC’s. Like it or not.

Never fails… Every new version of windows manages to break something. Anyone know if Office 2003 will still work under Win 10? I can’t allow that to get broken. No way! Any version of Office after 2003 is a total POS. That ribbon garbage. I’ve heard MS even took away Access. How in the hell are we supposed to setup databases and run reports?

There are several such KBs. They’re interrelated and support each other.

Your best bet is GWX Control Panel. It will remove “Get Windows 10” nagware in one fell swoop, remove Windows 10 pre-downloads, and monitor your system after that to prevent new Windows 10 related updates from sneaking onto the system. It’ll also turn off registry settings related to W10 nagware (replicating some of the forbidden Group Policy magic that spare Enterprise/Ultimate installations from the W10 nagware thing to begin with), and monitor for those registry settings getting reverted by something else (like Windows nagware support KBs).

I’m running it on 5 different Windows 7 or 8.1 systems and am quite happy with it.

I use Excel 2003 (a part of Office 2003) under Windows 10 with no problem. Had it not worked, that Windows 10 would have come off my computer so fast it would have smoked.

Thanks for the GWX tip. I had just gotten a call this morning from a friend who was all stabby because her computer with Windows 7 was filling up with Windows 10 upgrades. She was afraid Windows had installed 10 while she slept.

Thank for you for the tip on GWX. I’ll give it a try on my main pc.

I may let Win 10 update an old pc that I don’t care too much about. see how office 2003 works.
I can easily format the drive and reinstall Win 7 if needed.

But you haven’t heard the GOOD news yet:

"Microsoft is in the process of putting the finishing touches on a fresh new Windows 10 update set to be released this coming July…

As noted by Microsoft news blog Neowin, Microsoft’s upcoming Anniversary Update will see a wave of advertising wash over the Start Menu in Windows 10."


Those poor souls who stick with Windows 7 will miss out on this.

I haven’t had any Win10 nags at all, for some reason I can’t figure out, but I’m going to install this anyway.

I had a window pop up while I was working on a spreadsheet, and it apparently took some keystroke as permission to begin the Windows 10 installation. It gave me a 15 minute countdown. In a panic I googled about how to stop a Windows 10 installation. Thankfully, the site I discovered was not a phishing scam, because I downloaded and started running the recommended software immediately.

Never 10 automates the removal of Windows 10 files from your hard drive, and puts the kibosh on future attempts to get you to upgrade, using the options that Microsoft offered to users but which are tricky for most users to implement. I got back 5 gigs of disk space and peace of mind.

Speaking of Microsoft nagware, I’m getting regular nags to upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 365. NO!

Also shitty: I found out recently that Microsoft refuses to sell any version of Microsoft Office compatible with Windows Vista. You can’t even buy Office 2016 and downgrade to Office 2010. And Office 2016 isn’t even universally better than Office 2010: at least one font included in Office 2010 isn’t included in Office 2016.

I am evidently going against Board opinion here, but I like Win10.
Why the hate? All my laptops and toaster run on Win10.

Sadly, my guitars refuses all updates.
Go figure…

Little things. Losing navigability the way I want to do it. And a biggie for me is that my printer still works, but the associated scanner won’t communicate with my computer any more. V shitty about having to find some time to find out how to fix this.

We have this great service, Cortana! Do you want to use Cortana?
Five minutes later, We have this great service, Cortana! Do you want to use Cortana?
Same for file associations. Amazingly enough, I have Irfanview associated with JPGs because I want to use Irfanview to open JPGs. Yes, completely illogical in my part.

Is the new! Snazzy! Program! Better than Irfanview? Maybe, but why should I have to learn it, when Irfanview still works and I have it set to behave it exactly as I want it to behave, and even my mother has learned how to use it? Am I also supposed to get a new car every time Citroën comes up with a new model?

I turned on my PC this morning and Windows 10 update starts demanding I schedule a date. No option to postpone it or cancel.

Just finished installing and running GWX. Got the Win 10 nag ware cleaned off.

As far as I can tell, Win10 is exactly the same as Win7. It stripped so much of the stuff that nobody liked in Win8 that it just went backwards almost 100%.

Apparently it is a bit faster to start up. I don’t ever turn my PC off so that’s not useful to me. Win7 starts up quite quickly anyway. Also there are some UI updates I really do not like, and a real possibility that some of the legacy apps I use won’t work anymore, as they really are quite old; But right now they do work, so I’m reluctant to mess that up.

Inevitably it will be unavoidable, maybe four or five years from now when Win7 finally is abandoned. I can wait.

Win7 is great, I like it, I understand it, and it works really well. If it ain’t broke…

This is why Win 10 is a bad idea. There’s a reason its free. They’ll make their money from ads.

Also, I’m concerned about my older software that is compatible with Win 7. I don’t want Win to break it.

I find the whole process less traumatizing if you just stop resisting and just let it happen.

Your Win7 keeps nagging you to try new programs? Mine doesn’t :dubious:

(Desktop is 7, laptop is 8.1)

It seems to be selective. Mine doesn’t either. But I think AVG is nagging everybody, and apparently people are leaving in droves. But the frequency of AVG nags has diminished considerably. It seems we have crossed over into a new computer paradigm. Get used to it.

By they way, last month I bought a new (refurb) Win 7 laptop, to keep in the box, as a backup in case mine dies.

I run Windows 7 Pro with its Virtual Windows option running a Windows XP session under which I run some old compilers that won’t install or run under Windows 7.

As I understand it, Windows 10 doesn’t allow that feature and installing Windows 10 will nuke my Windows XP virtual machine.