And you thought Metallica was some kick ass thrashin music

I just got home from an interesting evening with my brother and sis-in-law.

Last week I agreed to go to this concert they were having here in town. Never heard of the bands and had seen the advertisement on the tube. I thought, okay but why would my brother like to go see this kind of music? That’s not his taste.

Well, it started out with Five Iron Frenzy. Some pretty cool stuff I would say. Not too heavy but certainly not pop music either. The beat was good and the kids were having a kick ass time.

Then on comes POD, they were kicking ass all over the place, the kids were moshing and it was just like any other concert. I mean these guys were putting Metallica to shame! I mean seriously to shame!

Well, many of you have seen me discuss the nature of my city, very conservative and very Christian oriented.

It turns out that all three bands were Christian bands. I was shocked as hell. I mean what used to be considered devil music is now speaking the gospel of Christianity. Even from a non-Christian I was amazed at these two bands.

We left early well because we is old now and our ears were hurting < giggle >.

My brother said he took me, not because he want’s to out and out convert to Christianity but to show me that in today’s Christian world they are more in touch than most of the people think. And I would say they are, I mean this kind of music is not normally associated with Christian thinking.

And those guys rocked!

Oh and BTW for any of the board members that are Christians, check out there website and try to organize one of these events in your area. It was good, clean, ass-kickin fun for the kids.

Oh and they also offered temporary tattoos, body piercings and other interactive stuff, this was more about giving the kids a fun night without drugs and trouble of course with a Christian message.

er… I’ve heard the “christian” label applied to Five Iron Frenzy… but never to P.O.D… oh well, learn something new everyday [college is good for something afterall…]

They do seem to “put Metallica to shame,” but i’m going to wax intellectual here: Metallica’s first four albums still kick more ass than most new “heavy” band. Besides, the current sound is different than when Met first came out. ANYway, i’ll shut up and simply say “their latest stuff isn’t their greatest.”


I saw P.O.D. at Ozzfest last month, and sadly, I was unimpressed. I like the CD, and was looking forward to seeing them.

I was disappointed… fortunatly seeing Kittie(Mmmmmm… Kittie…) made up for it.

Ozzy still kicks the ass, although he did go a bit nuts with the water gun thing…

Pantera blew my frickin’ ears out… woo hooo!!!


The funny thing is I was listening to our local hard rock station on the way home and “Master of Puppets” was on. That is the name right? Anyhow, after coming from the concert and hearing Metallica on the radio (I cranked it up so loud I almost blew my speakers) I wanted to compare the two.

“Master of Puppets” was a great tune but hardly rocked like these guys. Of course I have never seen Metallica live so I shouldn’t have been as strong in my comparison.

Keep in mind, this was done in our “city auditorium” that was built in the early 1900s. The accoustics aren’t great but it’s small enough that any loud band in a big concert venue is going be very pulsating in this little one.

My shirt was even vibrating from the music.

I still prefer music like Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Sting, and of course the older rock like AC/DC, Van Halen, and the like.


Personally I think Met’s most “kick-ass” song, meaning hardest fastest loudest angriest, has to be either “seek and destroy” or… forgot the name… it’s on “puppets”…
oh well. 'tisn’t that important.

oh my god… seek and destroy… I HATE that song… never so much as after having them play it for a full 25 fuckin minutes in concert… repeating the line “SEARCHIN’, SEEK AND DESTROY!” 5 gazzilion times over… gag…
but I’m with you… nothing beats old school metallica… everything from “black” on… I can NOT stant… I never EVER thought I would say that in my youth.
POD huh? I havent heard them… I think I’ll check that out.

HEY!! “nothing else matters” is a kick-ass song, regardless of who wrote it!!

Master of Puppets has been my all-time favorite album for over 10 years now. I had high hopes for And Justice for All, and it was pretty good, but Master will always be Metallica’s masterpiece.
Just thought I’d share :slight_smile:

Actually, have any of you heard of a band called Cold… i think? I’ve been hearing them a little bit more and more on my local hard rock station.

If your talking Metallica it is a great injustice that you not mention the masterpiece that is “Ride The Lightning” you have the epic masterpiece (based on biblical topics) “Creeping Death”, the haunting anti-suicide “Fade to Black”. The chilling instrumental “Call of Ktulu”. I like Kill Em All, Puppets, and Justice, but no one ever gives Ride The Lightning the credit it deserves.

POD is alright but they don’t match a band like Soulfly (another highly Christian band) in terms of hitting that nice happy spot in your brain where you want to just break something. People tend to overlook Soulfly due to the fact that Max Cavellera tends to cuss…alot, but they are still a christian band even though they tend to place more emphasis on tribalism.

I had Cold’s first album and it was horrible…the new song “Just Got Wicked” is alright but I don’t think these guys will get very far.

And just on a side note Kittie Rules…Thank-you, Good Night!

Well, we all know that Creed is Christian band. I heard a rumor that some punk outfit, either MXPX or 311 started Christian, and then took a drastic turn to the real commandments of rock: sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

I have the POD CD and if one reads the lyrics, one will find out that their lyrics are quite spiritual, though they don’t quite hit you right away. I’ve heard them mention the spirituality as a driving force in the music.

Five Iron Frenzy is cool, Heard some of their stuff, can;t really complain.

Kittie!! I love Kittie! They are my role models, and I love the outfits that they all wear, especially Morgan’s and Talena’s.

I still love Creed though. One of my friends was complaining that she doesn’t like them since of the religious intertwining in their songs. But they still rock, and they aren’t that blunt about it.

I can’t complain about Metallica though. Love “Sanatarium” from the “Master of Puppets” CD

Azargoth, I have to agree with you. Ride the Lightning is the best album they did. It is my favorite also, it also happens to be the FIRST Metallica album I ever bought a lifetime ago. I had never heard any of there music, I bought it because of the album cover and never looked back.

Soulfly christian however? I find that hard to swallow though I haven’t followed them much. All I know is that I am a big Max Cavalera/Sepultura fan and that the last couple of albums he did with Sep were more political then violent as in their early stuff. But come on… from “Dead Embryonic Cells” to Christian?? Really?
I am really digging Creed right now, and while a lot of their songs are definatly soulful I wouldn’t classify them Christian. I don’t think thats what their going for.

Kittie! Kittie! Girls who rock! Bring on more!

According to the FAQ on Creed’s home page, they aren’t a christian band… they’re just a band that explores a lot of christian themes in their lyrics. Uh huh. Whatever.

Palmyra - “Nothing Else Matters” is the embodiment of everything horrid that Metallica has become - how a great kick-ass metal band became corporate sucks. It’s smarm.

I do like P.O.D., never heard that other band, Teccher.


Five Iron Frenzy (according to their website) classifies themselves as Ska.

Now I have heard the term and I don’t understand it. I guess because they have 3 or 4 brass instruments. All it is to me is a step down from thrash and adds in those horns…

Milo- that may be true. But i maintain that it is still a good song. I appreciate as a song, not as a song but a heavy metal band.