And You Thought Pit Bull Owners Were Bad

Boy Killed By Aunt’s Bengal Tiger

Well, what a surprise, huh? Who ever would have thought that a FOUR HUNDRED POUND TIGER could possibly be a danger to a child? I am just so surprised that a pet tiger could be dangerous! Shocked, I tell you!

Fuck, what sort of idiot keeps a fucking TIGER in a cage next to their fucking driveway, with an opening for dogs (or kids) to get through? Have you ever seen a tiger? Did you notice how big they are? They’re the size of small cars, for Christ’s sake. Ever seen 'em at the zoo? They watch kids go by, very carefully, keeping their eyes on them like a hungry man on a steak. Yes indeed. I’ve seen them charge at kids who wandered from their parents. They absolutely WILL eat you if the mood and opportunity strike.

I mean, you know, maybe the fact that their weighing twice as much as a man and having claws like Bowie knives and teeth as long as your fingers wasn’t a clear enough indication of danger, but you do know, you stupid fuckstacker, that it’s a wild animal, right? Now this kid is dead because… because… well, just why the fuck do you need a tiger?

Can you imagine what the next family reunion will be like when they get the sisters together?

Maybe the tiger is a former star act in the Sigfried and Roy show?

I mean seriously… that’s a story which begs disbelief…

Well, instead of a guard dog, they’ve got this bloody great big Bengal tiger…

I think that in the interest of promoting human evolution, the government should provide tigers, complete with all necessities of care (excepting food), to anyone for the asking. I’d certainly feel better about how my tax dollars were being spent.

I think that in the interest of promoting human evolution, the government should provide tigers, complete with all necessities of care (excepting food), to anyone for the asking. I’d certainly feel better about how my tax dollars were being spent.

Ah, they’re 1920’s style “Death Tigers.”

Will you please SHUT THE FUCK UP already?

It’s not funny anymore. It hasn’t been funny for months..


Thank you.

Oh, I thought this was going to be about people not taking proper care of their pets. (For the record, American Pit Bull Terriers tend not to be people-aggressive unless mistreated or attack-trained. They’re lovely dogs, really, just not good with other animals without really rigorous socialization.)

Ditto on the groove of the 'bulls. I know a bunch of them, and they’re very nice. They’ll be happy to rip your throat out if you cross them, though.

I dunno, the Pit Bull owners I’ve known mostly seem to want the dogs to promote some sort of “tough” image more than they give much of a damn about the breed or properly socializing them. I know they’re not all that way, but it seems like a dreadful proportion of them are.

The one dog I personally encountered was very badly behaved and scratched me up pretty bad with her toenails, jumping all over to greet me. The dog was so massive I was afraid to try to push it down or make it stop. And the owner bought the dog, then used to bitch about how much she (the dog) needed exercize, and how destructive she was when left alone in the house.

Way to research a breed and make a good decision based on your abilities to properly care for it.

I can’t imagine the mentality of getting a tiger is much different.

My personal policy with pets – dogs, cats, whatever – is not to have any animal in the house that I couldn’t take down in hand to hand combat should it flip out on me.

friedo: Getting angry at in-jokes is so old. Move on.

I think not. It’s a stupid, pointless waste of bandwidth and server resources on an already overburdened system. It contributes nothing of value to the discussion, nor is it funny (humor is a perfectly valuable thing to contribute.)

It is simply a selfish method for lazy bastards to increase their post count without actually doing any work, to the detriment and annoyance of everyone else. So fuck it all.

I wanted to quote most of your post because I agree with you completely and I think you put it best.

There’s a certain mentality that crops up again and again in people who keep certain dog breeds, and it’s a recipe for disaster. Any large, strong dog, especially working breeds, run a serious risk of falling into the hands of some moron who gets a pet because s/he wants to convey an image. “Look at me, I have a big, scary dog, I must be super bad-ass to have a dog like this, don’t mess with me!” It’s fucked up and sad, and it makes life that much more difficult for people who just love the breed, no strings attached. I see it with pit bulls especially, but also with Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Bullmastiffs, even Chow-Chows.

I don’t understand it. If you need to look that tough hanging out at the local dog park, buy yourself a leather jacket and get a bunch of prison tattoos. Don’t subject another living thing to your social inadequacy issues.

The same thing is, I think, going on with people who keep dangerous wild animals as “pets”. They want everyone to know how tough and cool they are by having an unbelievably dangerous creature sharing their house or backyard. How fucked up do you have to be to go this far with it?

There’s a big element of outright stupid here, too. Can anyone actually believe that a tiger would ever be safe around small children? Around adults, even? Tigers belong in jungles, doing their free-wheeling tiger thing, or in zoos and sanctuaries with the proper resources and trained staff to care for them. Not in some half-assed cage made out of old fences in suburban New Jersey. Nor, as has been recently proven, on a Las Vegas stage surrounded by strobe lights and insane German beastmasters.

At what point in our evolution did we lose that all-important “if it can eat you, avoid it” instinct?

…Death Tigers snort ha ha

Sorry friedo but that particular in-joke still cracks me up. :slight_smile:

Keeping any animal around that can fit a human head in it’s mouth is just asking for trouble. I mean, tigers are cool and all, but it is a wild animal…a predator. Anyone who thinks that you can keep or tame a wild animal should go have a talk with Seigfreid and Roy.

This is a hijack, but speaking of Siegfreid and Roy, how is Roy doing? I mean, is he recovering, will he be an invalid, or what? I haven’t heard anything in some time about his condition. I know the act is kaput, all the employees were let go, except maybe the feeders and such.

Oh, I don’t know. I think the mentality of getting a tiger might be quite a bit different. In fact, I think people who keep tigers are fucking crazy.

Latest on Roy from CNN.

Why do the people who enable things like this never succumb to a grisly ironic death themselves?

They do all the time. How many people get eaten by their pet boa or something.

Anyway, I have to agree with county. People who don’t research their breed are mostly just selfish jerks. People who keep tigers as pets in their home are fucking lunatics.