And you thought you were superstitious?


Keep in mind, in China 8 is apparently the luckiest number, but as the article says, all numbers in China begin with 13. Second to 8, it looks like any number that’s repeated is lucky.
While we’re at it, can anyone confirm that?

My sister has been living in Beijing since September, and she said in one of her recent emails that when she bought her cell phone, the prices for the numbers varied widely. When she asked why, she was told the more expensive ones were luckier. She didn’t say what numbers specifically were considered lucky, though. She was also surprised at the superstitiousness (is that a word?). She picked a non-lucky and therefore cheap number. :slight_smile: It does start with a 13, and there are no eights in it, and only one repeated number, a one.

What did you want to confirm? That the guy paid that much?

8 is definitely lucky, and 4 is definitely not. My company in HK paid big bucks for the number 8288 8088 (or something like that). Also, there was a time in the 1990s when the Hang Seng index closed at 8888.88 which struck me as rather suspicious. Not sure about 3 though.