Andre The Giant Has A Posse

Does anyone know what Andre The Giant has a Posse means?
Or what Obey Giant means?
Or who Shepard Fairey is?

Umm? What’s the context, Kenneth?

The late Andre the Giant, as you probably know, was a WWF wrestler in the 1980s, and an actor of great renown in the incomparable The Princess Bride. I have no knowledge of his posse, though.

he’s an artist/tagger.It just takes a little easy searching on yahoo.

This should explain all:

NYC ska band The Slackers have a song about this. I never understood it before. Cool.

It’s a great pop-art sticker campaign. There’s a second generation of stickers, which have a more stylized version of Andre on em.

Both stickers are great.

Thar ya go.

Sounds like art to me.

Some of the variations are “Gary Coleman has a posse”, “The Rev. Jim Jones has a posse”, and “Tony Danza has a posse”. Apparently, anyone who has ever been famous or infamous can have their own posse now.

Andre probably doesn’t really have a posse. He prefers it when people fight each other the way God intended.

I think you misspelled “vandal”