Android auto correct no longer auto capitalizing "I".

Hello Everyone,

Has the title suggest auto correct no longer capitalizes"I". No big deal in the scheme of things, but a bit annoying to have to re-read a long text or post looking for this and manually correcting it.

How do i access auto correct dictionary or wherever the database it uses or options menus to fix this? It used to do it and suddenly stopped.

Samsung Note 5, Android version 7.0.


This happened to me a while back when I turned off autocorrect. I have a different Android phone but my setting is in Settings -> Language & Input -> Virtual Keyboard -> GBoard -> Text Correction and then turn Auto Correction on.

Also, it could have learned i instead of I. My android gives three options above the keyboard for text predictions. Before you hit the space bar after typing i you’ll probably find it in the center. Press and hold on the prediction then select, remove from dictionary.

That is, if auto correct is turned on as mentioned above.