Android Keyboards

I went to the Swype keyboard as soon as it was publicly available, and have used in on two phones for seven or eight years. (One was the original HTC that was such a bad boy, the second is my gnarled Note II running 4.4.2.)

So I promptly put it on my Tab S2 (running 7.1, I think)… and it’s a huge PITA. Not only does it not have nearly as good word recognition, but it insists on putting its choice in place of mine far too many times.

So I switched back to the Samsung keyboard on both the phone and tablet, and have discovered it’s faster, swipe-ier, more accurate and I like having the hold-tap secondary characters instead of switching keyboard mode every three words.

Did the Swype keyboard get worse? Or is it only good after a time of using and training it? Or did Samsung just improve theirs that much?

I bought the Swype keyboard for my phone and a tablet about 2012/13. I’m sure it got worse when it went free. Now out of convenience I only use the google keyboard that seems to do pretty much the same thing but without any fuss. Apart from the blip about a year ago when they took the themes out of it of course, thankfully now back in.

I was a big fan of Swiftkey for a long time, but about a year ago, its predictions were off, and I was constantly sending awkward texts. I switched to Google keyboard, and have been on it since. You can swipe, and the prediction isn’t as funny. But, I think the space key is awkwardly placed or something because I miss it as often as get it, which never happened before andninendnupnwithnsentencesnlikethisnbecauseninhitnnninsteadnofnspace.

I’m still using Swype (since beta as well) and recently put it on a new phone. I didn’t notice any difference. Since you have to log in and register it, I assumed all it ‘learned’ is saved account-wide and added to the new install but I’m not basing that on anything but guesswork.

I own Swiftkey but never got into it. I think it was similar enough to Swype in function but different enough in the details that I couldn’t justify learning it over just continuing to use Swype.

Yeah, I am not finding the default keyboard quite as nice as Swype is on my older phone, but it’s just 'orrible on the tablet so I’ll stay with it and learn its quirks.

Not thrilled about the keystroke recording of these keyboards, but all things considered, I’d rather have it just be one more dribble into Google’s maw than to third parties of even less trustworthiness.

I bought the paid version of Swiftkey a few years ago (actually, I got it for free on the old Amazon “free app of the day” deal) and absolutely loved it. Recently, I had trouble getting it to download onto a new Nougat phone (HTC 10), so I just installed the free version. I found it even better than the old paid version! I haven’t swyped with it, but the word predictions are really good.

I could have written the same post, except I don’t care about themes.

By “theme” I meant a black keyboard with white lettering and individual keys - the default all white with letters and no key borders is horrid!

I just downloaded and installed the Google keyboard on my Galaxy S6 and, so far, I’m loving it. The swipe technology id far superior to the Samsung keyboard, which really fell off in accuracy over the last few system updates. Best of all, it’s free. I did opt out of the “let Google save your stuff anonymously” programs, though.