I'm posting this with Swype!

I just got a Samsung Captivate, and I’m geeking out over the Swype keyboard. It doesn’t really save any time (yet), but it’s great fun swiping around the keyboard with reckless abandon, while the phone just magically knows what letters I’m trying to hit.

Yes, I am easily amused. . . why do you ask?

Another Swype fan checking in here. Check out how fast those Swype folks generate text on their “tips and tricks” web page!

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Neat! How are you liking the Captivate? I’m thinking of getting one (I’m very interested in a Droid smartphone).

I have the MyTouch 3G Slide which also comes with Swype (and an actual qwerty keyboard, hence the slide part). I thought I would never want to not have an actual keyboard, but now it’s become I will never own a phone that doesn’t have Swype. I wish I could download it for my iPad.

I’ve used my phone’s keyboard maybe twice - Swype is just too wonderful and easy to not use. I can’t remember when I’ve been this impressed with software.

I’m used to my wife’s iphone, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but it’s much more open than the iphone. If you like tinkering with settings and customizing, then Android is the platform for you.

The screen on the Captivate is awesome, and its also got a decent camera/camcorder.

A friend of mine has a Droid, but I hate the slide out keyboard - I’ve never used one that I like. And the hardware on the Samsung is much faster than either the Droid or the iphone.

Same here. I bought the new Epic 4G from Sprint, because after always misspelling, having typos, and hating with a passion the touchscreen on my iPhone, I decided I needed a physical keyboard, and also wanted an Android phone, so that was the logical choice.

But now I find that I use Swype a lot more often than the keyboard. I feel sorry for people with older Android devices that don’t have access to it, or might have only had the Beta for a while. on a nother formum I frequent, lots of Android owners are talking about the extreme steps they had to take to get Swype back (like rooting, downloading a custom ROM, and then downloading a saved backup copy of the Beta apk, or something crazy loike that.)

Then I just pop in and am all smug that the real version is pre-installed on my sweet Epic.

I haven’t tried Swype yet, but it was one of the major points that sold me on an Android phone yet. Imagine my disappointment when I realized it was only released for a select few phones, and the Incredible wasn’t one.

Thankfully the on-screen keyboard for the Incredible is nearly as fast and powerful. I can be as sloppy as the Swype demos show and it’ll still get things right.

Yes, Swype is very useful but also cool. In my experience people are as impressed by it as they were with the pinch zoom on the iphones.

Now I have Swype too! I got a Captivate yesterday…I love it! I’m absolutely amazed by how much this phone can do, and I love the customization and app options.

I do have one question though–do I need a screen cover? I keep reading reviews that say screen protectors make it hard to slide on the screen; one of the most popular protectors requires the use of a liquid activator during installation. I would really like to avoid both of those!

This is the first I’ve seen this. How accurate is it? There must be numerous cases where the same swipe path could be valid for more than one word. I assume when this happens it gives you a list of choices. How often does this happen? Does it end up being any faster than word completion software?

How do you type something that is not in the devices dictionary?

It seems pretty accurate (and fast) to me, but your mileage may vary. Note that I have no experience with word completion software and a lot of this stuff is a comfort/feel kind of thing.

When Swype can’t decide (either from your swiping track or from context) which word you’ve entered it pops up a list of possibilities. You can either touch one of those possibilities to select it or touch the “X” that shows up to the left of the list to essentially say “none of the above”. Swype hint: when the first word on the pop-up list is the one you want, you don’t have to select it - just continue to swipe your next word and Swype will automatically select the first word on that pop-up list and keep on going.

If you need to type something that Swype doesn’t understand (whether it’s because it doesn’t “know” that word or just can’t figure out what the heck you’re doing) you can always enter that word by press/clicking the keyboard in the normal manner and then continue swiping the rest of your message.