Android phone and IPad are synching. Huh?

I have an Android phone (Droid-X IIRC) and an iPad. Recently I’ve been freaked out when they have appeared to be communicating.

I did a Google search on my phone and went to the first link. I wanted to see it on my iPad (larger print) and when I repeated the search on my tablet, the link color showed I’d been there!!

Then, my phone calendar reminded me about an appointment that I had only entered on my tablet calendar.

This is freaking cool, unless it is just personal mental deterioration. Then it sucks. So which is it?:smiley:

Are you sure it wasn’t just Google remembering you had done that search?

More likely though is that your electronic slaves are getting tired of your abuse and are indeed communicating, their escape plan.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed google remembing me from one computer to another…

And if the robot uprising is beginning, I may be the first to be aware!:eek: