Android Phone Encryption and Backups

My Android phone (Galaxy S5) does not encrypt its database by default but has the option to do so.

I normally back up most of the phone and SD storage with a USB cable and a Windows PC by copying the apropriate files.

If I decide to use encryption on the phone will I lose my backup plan? I guess what I don’t know is if the entire database is decrypted when the phone has been unlocked or if apps decrypt on the fly.

I can’t just try it, because if everything is encrypted I end up hosed. Anyone know?

Bump. Anyone?

I was careful to install my SD card as portable storage. So I have the option to read it and backup files. I like being able to use a USB reader.

The other option is internal storage. I didn’t like the restrictions with this option.

I’m not sure if encrypted files can be copied. You may be able to back them up to your Google drive. But they’ll still be encrypted.

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They updated FBE for Android 7.

Lot of features to consider. I’d proceed cautiously implementing FBE.

Ack. No alarms without credentials?

Thanks for the information. I think I will hold off as I really don’t * * it.