Android phone flashes LED on incoming call since upgrade

I just did the automatic OS upgrade to my Samsung Galaxy III to Android 4.3 and suddenly it flashes the LED (camera flash) on incoming call. There is no third-party app installed to do this, accessibility settings have “flash on notification” unchecked, and I can’t find it anywhere else in settings. How do I turn this off?

Try checking the option and then unchecking it again. I know that sounds like “have you tried switching it off and on again?” :wink: , but that’s the solution provided in this thread:

There seem to be about nine control menus for the LED. Go through everything (you’ll find other things you want to change).

My Note II just got the 4.3 update and it’s been annoying me with newbie messages for a week. I spent a half hour going through the menus and tweaking things and both of us are now a lot happier.


Thanks, that did the trick!