Android Tablets - and the Nexus 7 specifically

I honestly don’t know. I’ll check today. I know I can stream my music on my android phone. I can also watch things through my Playstation.

Damn, missed the edit window.

They don’t allow it, but you can do it easily.

According to this non-scientific test, the nexus beats out the ipad in durability.

A quick update: I have a Beta copy of Firefox on my tablet, and a few hours ago I received a notification that an update was available for it (some of its authorization requests had changed so it was not updated automatically). I just performed the update (which mentions UI changes specifically for tablets) and it seems to work fine.

So it seems like the Nexus 7 is massively selling out anywhere. Is there anywhere online to buy it?

Well, google store just got it back on sale today, so I went ahead and put in an order. What’s annoying is that I figured ordering online I’d save on the tax, but google charges NV tax in addition to shipping. I know if I waited for B&H or adorama, or another online site to get it in, I’d get free shipping and no tax, but for all I know it may take them weeks to get it back in stock, so what the hell.

I got the Nexus 7 16 gig version for Staples (last one). Slick hardware.

Right now it’s kind of an oversized version of my Samsung Galaxy III S. I’m sure I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it can do, but there’s no “killer app” for it so far.

Speaking from an app developer side:

  1. IPhone and especially IPad benefit greatly from Apple’s insularity - you write for two resolutions, and consistent physical screen sizes. The new Retina display scales perfectly because it is exactly twice the resolution on both axes. Contrast this with the plethora of Android devices with all kinds of resolutions and screen sizes. Yes, it’s great that a little device has huge resolution - but I have to know what the physical screen size is for various UI elements to be reasonably big to manipulate, and with Android it is almost impossible to know for all devices.

  2. IPhone/IPad users apparently, according to stats, are MUCH more prone to actually pay for apps than Android users. So when you develop apps, you first go for the market that pays - which is iOS. True, Kindle Fire and Nook users are not as used to “free”, but Kindle Fire is just awkward to write for, and Nook doesn’t have a huge market penetration.

  3. Android suffers from some bugs/shortcomings in the OS. Just one example: when I try to play a sound effect on iOS, it is immediate. When I do that on Android, there is a delay of something like 0.3 seconds. Very annoying.

This right here is why iPad will be superior in user experience, functionality, and attracting quality developers for apps that the user base can only benefit from –

Unless the hardware and software specs can be tightly maintained and standardized, Android’s platform model just cannot compete here, and despite things like longer battery life, or bigger screen, or an SD card slot, it’ll still be a handy-capped, inferior product compared to the iPad and it’s sphere of integration and standardization.

On top of that, the Retina display is spectacular, as is the tablet on the whole.

Said like a true Mac-Aholic :slight_smile:

Speaking as a user and not a developer I’ve had my Nexus 7 for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t experienced one problem with any app or anything else for that matter. It is blazing fast and for me at least is very intuitive.

I know Apple is supposed to be more user friendly, but I spent a couple of weekends with my wife’s iPad… travelling and wanted to try it out. One of my simple pleasures in the morning is doing the Crossword and Sudoku from my local paper… nope, pages wouldn’t load. Other times I wanted to just go back to where I was and apparently the button that (to me) looks like a back button closes out the app.

Again, this is just me… who has 30 some years with PC platforms and only a handful of days on Apple products, but I wouldn’t trade my Nexus 7 for an iPad even if you gave me double the difference in price I saved.

This app apparently keeps track of and links to apps designed to work well with tablets, so that’s pretty cool. I wish google had their own “tablet optimized” section of the google play store or something, but this is a start.

I’d really be interested in what you think of the Nexus 7. I’ve a happy owner of the new iPad, but my inner geek never lets me live that down. :wink: If you want the iPad and like iOS, I assume you already have an iPhone and can make a reasonable comparison.

From what I’ve used of the Samsung SIII, I pretty much hate Android. But I’d like to know if I’m missing anything!

I have an iPad, but I played with my friend’s new Nexus 7 the other day, and it’s a very nice tablet. I think the price is right, and that it’s likely to be the best Android tablet for a while.

I prefer iOS, but I think that the Google-designed Android devices are good. I have a rather dim view of 3rd-party Android anything. Most hardware makers don’t ship updates and they don’t seem to care for user experience. It reminds me a lot of the crudded-up Windows experience for many years, where computers would come pre-installed with a bunch of crap that you didn’t want because the OEMs would get paid for it. Google nicely sidesteps that problem and lets you see how nice Android can be when it’s done right.

On the other hand, if you do want something made by Apple, there are rumors that there will be a smaller form-factor iPad before the end of the year. The Nexus 7 will still probably be cheaper, so it really depends on your budget, how long you want to wait, and how strong your OS preference is.

It doesn’t look like the lack of a micro-sd card slot is such as a big deal. Apparently it is easy to read USB flash using the micro-usb port.

Yeah, the stickmount thing is very useful.

Okay, so technical question. I rooted the device and installed a few apps. Everything worked fine. Today I pick it up and no sound is playing in the apps I’m using - and no touch noise. So I plug some headphones in - sound works there. Hmm. Silent mode? No. Volume all the way up? Yep. Okay, so MXPlayer no sound, games no sound, home screen no sound…

So I figure maybe the speaker failed, but to test that I reset it to factory defaults. Sound is back.

What is it that I could’ve done before I reset it that would make it stop playing sound via the speaker (but still plays it via the headphone port)?

I’ve seen similar problems to this, where some something in the headphone jack is shorted out so that the tablet thinks something is plugged into the headphone jack. I could get the speakers to work by plugging a 3.5 plug and fiddling with it in the socket until the speakers started working. YMMV

That’s a good guess, I thought it might be that, but ultimately the sound didn’t function before the factory reset and did immediately after, even without any fiddling with the port, so it must’ve been a software/settings problem of some sort.