Android users: anyone else having issues with the Messaging app?

It seems to have started when my phone updated to KitKat but my stock Messaging app keeps crashing (a message saying “Unfortunately Messaging has stopped”) and people have told me they sent me texts that I never received. Tried clearing data and reseating my SIM card (and a bunch of other things), both of which made it go away for a little while but it keeps coming back on my pretty much brand new Droid Maxx.

For now I have switched apps. I tried Go SMS which a lot of people seem to like but I hated it so now I am trying Verizon messaging.

Googling suggests it may be a bug between Motorola and KitKat but I was wondering if anyone else has this problem.

I used to use Go SMS on my nexus 4 and never had a problem. I never really liked Go SMS so I switched to Chomp SMS which I like much better.

Try Google Hangouts. That handles all the messaging on Android (video, SMS and text). I have not had any problems with it. I use it on my PC, Nexus 10 tablet, Nexus 7 tablets and my phone and I am currently on Android 4.4.4


I had a messaging app that kept crashing on my Droid Ultra. Can’t remember the name of the app though. I just use Messaging version 4.4.4 and it works OK.