Anyone Have Problems After Kitkat Update?

I had a huge battery drain problem after my phone updated to Kitkat, all Android System (70% or more!) usage with the CPU, not the battery, getting hot. Tried everything suggested in Android forums to no avail, and finally had to do a factory reset. Grr. All’s fine now, just re-tweaking settings that didn’t get saved in the backup I did. Annoying, with the backup and re-load taking hours.

Now I’m getting better battery life than I did before.

Just wondering if anyone else has or had issues.

My wife’s phone lost the ability to send or receive after the update. She had to go into the phone store top get it reset.

Exchange email stops working.
Will not read memory card --OR–
Various functions (email, SMS, mms, internet) stop working until the memory card is removed.
Poor battery life.
Wifi stops working.

These are some of the issues I’ve seen. In all cases the software was delivered OTA. All issues resolved after connecting the device to a computer and reinstalling the update.

Samsungs seem to be affected more than others, but my store sells a ton more of those.

Yeah, my battery life has been hit hard by KitKat. I’m not happy that the solution appears to be to reinstall the update- does this mean I’ll have to reinstall everything again?

I’m thinking not if you just do a reinstall, but I’m not sure what that would entail, maybe cell guy will come back and clarify. My update was OTA and interesting the problem followed. It doesn’t sound like reinstall of Kitkat would be like a factory reset, though, the way the store does it. The factory reset was a pain in the butt, however at this point it was worth it, I’m just now plugging in for a recharge after 45 hours on battery and still have 11% left. Pretty happy with that!

Sorry, I work for a wireless provider. We have a program that we can use to download software to the phone via USB cable rather than transmit it OTA. I don’t know if Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile are able to do this (I don’t work for any of them). The program we use does wipe/reset the device during the process.

I’ve found a factory reset with Kit Kat is hit or miss which is why I usually re-install the software.

I’m sticking with version 4.3.3 until they fix this.