Andy Griffith reported dead


I heard it on the Today Show. Well, Hoda and Kathy, but that’s still the Today Show.


I didn’t watch Matlock, but I loved The Andy Griffith Show.

So, who’s left? Nabors and Howard are the only two I can think of.

RIP, Andy. I’m sure your funeral buffet will be laden with goooooooood crackers.

Watching the Andy Griffith Show with my dad when I was little are some of the warmest memories I have of my childhood. I never met my paternal grandfather, but everyone in my family has always said he reminded them of Andy Griffith. I think that’s why my dad loved the show so much, and it gave me a little insight into my grandpa.

RIP Sheriff.

He was alive?


  1. A true icon of American TV has passed.
  2. Sad news indeed.
  3. Hi Opie - sorry to hear the news about dad.

Huh. I was just listening to “What It Was, Was Football” yesterday on Pandora. I was.

The Andy Griffith Show is one of my all-time favorite shows.

RIP, Ang.

“The Andy Griffith Show” was one of the greatest American sitcoms. And a lot of that greatness can be directly attributed to its star. Andy’s gone, but Sheriff Taylor will live on for years to come, as I’m sure the series will always be running somewhere.

I first heard Andy Griffiths as a hilarious comedian; they played records by standup comics on the radio, back then! He wasn’t one of the Borscht Belt guys (who taught even the Bible Belt a bit of Yiddish) or one of the button-down Yankee intellectuals. Being an Air Force family, we went to see No Time For Sergeants.

Then he did A Face In The Crowd & showed his acting chops.

He could do much more than the folksy sheriff. But I’m hoping Netflix is still streaming those shows. Could do worse for The Fourth…

Andy Griffith was a cherished childhood memory of mine. We all wanted to live in a place like Mayberry. The characters were so warm and friendly.

Andy was a very talented actor and comedian. R.I.P. Ang

out in front of the barber shop with the boys.

— The Fishin’ Hole by Everett Sloane, Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer

Also known as the Andy Griffith Show Theme.


RIP Andy.

According to Wiki, of the main characters, Opie, Gomer, Thelma Lou are the only ones still living. Warren, Charlene Darling, and Ellie Walker are also still living.
PS Tell Goober I said “Hey”

No more time for sargents. RIP Andy.

No Time For Sergeants was an adorable movie.


He had a nice little part in the fairly recent “Waitress” which was also one of his last roles.

Sarge (to the recruits filling out forms): “Last name first, first name second, middle name last!”

Will Stockdale: “Stockdale, Will, Will Stockdale, Will Stockdale!”

I have one of his comedy routines (about football) on a 45rpm record.

Don’t you mean the news about his paw?

RIP Andy, a true gentleman.

I have always thought he was a brilliant actor that did not ever get the chance to show his full potential. A Face in The Crowd is one of the best performances of all time. And its even more relevant now than it was then. He was fantastic in No Time For Sergeants (my parents saw him in it on Broadway). He certainly had a greatly successful career but it would have been interesting to see him in more serious roles like in Face.