Andy Kaufman: White/Jewish

On Andy Kaufmans’ death certificate his race is listed as “white/jewish”. Is this a usual thing? Or maybe his family had requested it to be listed that way. I’ve never thought of “Jewish” as a race, as, say, we consider white, black, oriental, etc., as races.

Um, that’s not a question. But anyway, “Jewish” is a race as much as American or European is- it’s an ethnic backround thing.

I didn’t know they put that sort of info on death certificates in California. At least not in the 1980s. I’m pretty sure they don’t know.

However, the info on the death certificate usually comes from the family and the physician. The County Recorder just types in whatever is on the form submitted to the office.

Eh. Generally, if you ask a U.S. Jewish person his ethnic background, the answer is “Polish Jew” or “Russian Jew” or “German Jew,” to name a few of the most prevalent in the States.

The Sephardic Jews, from the Mediterranean and North African countries, have (in some ways) as little in common with their North European counterparts as the goyim in those countries do with the Norwegians. While they share some cultural traits, they have their own spin on them.

If I’m not mistaken, certain techniques are forbidden in preparing the body of a Jew for burial. Embalming is one, I believe.

Having that information on a death certificate may turn out to be important for whoever is taking care of the body.

A little help out there, Chaim? Zev? Dex? Anyone?

I mentioned this in another thread, but I recently read about a DNA study that found that Israeli Jews are most closely related to each other than any other group. Now, I haven’t actually SEEN the study, and am still searching for it on the net (I originally read about it in the AP in the SF Chronicle), but I think I am safe in assuming that both Ashkenazi and Mizrachi Israelis were included in the study, as the divide there is about 50/50. Therefore, one can assume that Ashkenazi and Mizrachi Jews are more closely related to each other than any other ethnic group. This is due to very low intermarriage rates among Jews no matter where they were geographically.

When I find that study, I will post a link.