Andygirl Sighting!

Well, that’s the first thought I had, any way. See, I work at a university, and get free use of the intramural facilities and such. A group of us meet twice a week at lunch to play volleyball, and we occasionally get a new recruit when someone wanders by and joins in if we’re short players.

A couple of weeks ago, a quiet little blonde girl joined our merry group. She wasn’t the greatest player, but neither are some of the rest of us. Tuesday she brought a friend, a dark-haired girl with freckles and a bandanna over her hair. I don’t know if they were gay, I don’t know if they were a couple, I don’t know if they even go to school here. But all of a sudden, Andygirl and Quietgirl popped into my mind.

So… anyone ever seen anyone that made you think of other dopers?

No, I haven’t been reminded of other posters, but your sig reminds me of the Red Green Show. Do you watch it?

Why yes, now that you mention it. I was sitting in the Bankok House restaurant, was joined by two guys and a gal, who all made me think of RalfCoder, Diceman and BunnyGirl. Can’t think of why I did, though… :smiley:

Beakerxf: Red Green is da bomb! Almost as good as Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers!

wring: You must have mistaken them for some other people. Dopers eating? Who ever hoid of such a ting… :rolleyes: Next you’ll tell me that dopers drinks alcohol! :eek:

Duct tape–the handyman’s secret weapon!

My favorite bit was Red’s method of keeping people from tailgating. Just bolt a travel mug and a briefcase to the roof of your car. People will stay back about half a mile…

UncleBeer has reminded me of, and will continue to remind me of (barring anything unforeseen) my junior year math teacher.

I guess it wasn’t them, or andygirl would have responded by now. Bumping on the off chance that she hasn’t seen it.

Can’t say it was me. Would have been interesting, though.

I’m not quiet, nor am I blonde. :wink: C’est la vie. Quietgirl does, however, have long brown hair and freckles.

I’m in the first picture, furthest on the right.

Quietgirl is the last one on the page.

Nope, it wasn’t either one of you, but they somehow reminded me of you two. Maybe they’re Andygirl and Quietgirl wannabe’s.

Andygirl and Quietgirl: accept no substitutes.

Is there a certificate of authenticity we should ask for? A pattern of freckles? Or will we recognize a certain aura of realism that will be unmistakeable? :D:

Ralf! There you are. Actually, I was thinking of you the other day, but I can’t remember what made it pop into my mind!

I think of Persephone whenever I wear my red leather boots 'cause she was with me when I bought them.

I think of Uncle Beer whenever I see the word “Toledo”.

See Ralf, there’s another good thing about you. Any many that likes Car Talk is a friend of mine! :smiley: