Angela Lansbury passes away at 96

I wasn’t too cool as a young man to watch Murder She Wrote with my mom on Sunday nights in the '80s. And my kids still have good memories of Lansbury voicing/singing Ms. Potts in Beauty and the Beast.

I remember Miss Price and Mrs. Lovett fondly.

My memories of her will always revolve around Bedknobs and Broomsticks

I remember watching Gaslight for the first time in the late 90’s (when I was probably 17 or 18). My dad loved Bergman films because, he said, “she’s great on the eyes.” But I couldn’t have cared less about Bergman – I developed a crush on Angela Lansbury after watching that movie. It was a few years before I learned she was the same actress that voiced Mrs. Potts. I don’t think I ever saw her in anything else, but I’ll still watch Gaslight just to see her.

Was flipping channels a few days ago and noticed that she was Elvis’ mother in Blue Hawaii.

She was also the Balloon Lady in Mary Poppins Returns. From what I understand, the producers wanted Julie Andrews to play that part, but she, understandably, declined.

Why understandably?

I was a little confused by Angela Lansbury’s sudden appearance in Mary Poppins Returns but will fondly remember her for other roles.

The murder rate in Cabot Cove is going to skyrocket, and nephew Grady is going to be blamed for all of them.

She’ll always be Mrs Lovett to me. She was phenomenal in that role.

No one’s mentioned The Manchurian Candidate yet, so I will.

Jessica wasn’t stopping murders anyway. Rate will drop like a stone 'cuz she did 'em all herself!

I remember her from the Pirates of Penzance movie from 1983, the one with Kevin Kline.

It’s great.

Then I’ll say The Court Jester. Damn! She was beautiful.

RIP, he wrote.

I think it might have been a little confusing for children who had seen Mary Poppins. Also, it would distract from Emily Blunt’s performance.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that Julie Andrews declined because she felt it would distract from Emily Blunt’s performance.

Damn! Now I’ll never be able to invite her to my wedding! :angry:

RIP, Angela.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks introduced me to Lansbury.

She never seemed to age very much. She looked basically the same 20 years later in Murder She Wrote.

It’s always fun to see her in small movie roles.

I suggest watching her Western A Lawless Street with Randolph Scott. National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor is really good.


She was also the lead showgirl against the Harvey Girls in the movie of that name.

I suspect she always regretted not being the leading lady type, even though she made a smashing beginning in movies with Gaslight and The Picture of Dorian Gray giving her back-to-back Oscar nominations. She was a pretty young thing, but something about her face a few years later made it too easy to look “hard” instead of tender.

The first thing I really noticed her in was The Manchurian Candidate, which I saw as a teen on TV in the late 60’s I think, and that just left me breathless. Seeing her in all her other roles came later, as I became more interested in vintage movies. I thought her acting in Murder She Wrote was no better than it absolutely needed to be, which I thought was a shame, as it made it seem like she was doing it just for the money. I don’t judge her for that, if I had that kind of opportunity I’m sure I would have been all over it. I’m glad she got the chance to exercise her acting chops on stage.

Yes, that was a phenomenal performance.

She did play a lot of villains in the beginning and middle part of her career–a fact eclipsed for many by the fame of her Murder, She Wrote role. (The Gaslight role mentioned already was one of those—she was there to add to the Ingrid Bergman character’s distress. Major snark!)

Irreverently, another reason she lingers in my memory is for Craig Ferguson’s running joke of showing a photo of Lansbury when referencing Paul McCartney. (There was a resemblance!)