Lansbury vs. Falk?


Falk, if he’s prepared.

Oh, please. All Angela has to do is catch his eye.

Then she can refuse to give it back unless he concedes…

“Groans here.”

If Falk even came within 20 feet of Lansbury, something obvious would happen and he would be dead by the next commercial. Then Kate Mulgrew would appear and she and Lansbury would solve the case!

Kate loves a mystery! But let her have her coffee first…and keep her away from wormholes.

Bah. The grandfather from The Princess Bride beats Mrs. Potts, easily.

And Mrs. Iselin would kick Abe “Kid Twist” Reles’ ass.

Two words:

Mrs. Lovett.

Columbo can’t win against that. Sorry.

Curse you, jayjay! You win this round!

(I just saw Sweeny Todd on stage a few hours ago. Shudder.)

They really are the worst pies in London. Especially the one with the glass eye.

Oh, and one more thing…

Columbo would only appear to be stumped. He will have caught on to Mrs. Lowell’s ghastly scheme early on, but would play the buffoon and ask non-threatening questions until he had gathered enough evidence to shut her bakery down for good.

So there.

Dang. That was clever. :slight_smile:

Same as

Marple vs Poirot