Angels do walk among us Part II

Back in December 2012, I told the story of how Angels walk among us and how we seemed to hit it off pretty quickly. Our relationship grew, we became good friends, happy in each others company and well, I’m happy to say we were married on Sept 3, 2016.

As the story went, we met at the first Hobbit movie, so we decided to base the wedding and reception on the Hobbit and dragons, an homage to Smaug as it were. She found a pair of dragons kissing with their bodies in a heart shape, and we ran with that and purple being her favorite color, was the main thematic color.

The invites had that as our icon, along with a Hobbit theme, with directions on Thorin’s map, a story as told by Golem about how we met, my precious, and Bilbo on the RSVPs.

Instead of numbers for tables, we named them each after a dwarf (it worked out perfectly as we had 13 tables) and our sweetheart table was Bilbo, the DJ was Gandolf, the cake table was Smaug and Golem at the sign in table.

The cake was a decorated with dragon scales with the heart shaped dragons as the topper, gold foil chocolate coins and fake gems as treasure underneath.

We had an old leather parchment book for sign-ins, with dragon pens. The guest list and table seating charts were posters designed as a medieval announcement sign.

The centerpieces were vases of a dragon slithering around the vase looking down upon a town with kissing balls enhanced with glitter and rhinestone pins.

She walked down the isle to the song “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore from the Fellowship of the Rings soundtrack.

The wedding was performed in front of a pond, under an archway decorated with flowers and flowing silks.

We wrote our own vows, instead of using the standards. It included elven sayings and a rewrite of the One Ring poem. And included in the promises to each other, we also promised to defend each other in an orc invasion or zombie apocalypse.

She has a ring with nine small diamonds (the nine rings of man) and I have a One-Ring wedding band.

She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen walking down the aisle in her wedding dress and flower tiara. It was a day I will never forget.

Angels do walk among us, and we found each other.

Anyone else want to share their Angel stories?

What a beautiful story and what a wonderful sounding wedding.

Nothing means more than doing things outside of the norm that have a tremendous meaning to you as a person.

Here’s to a long and happy journey*!

  • journey as in life…not…like…to Mt. Doom

Congratulations! And you are an artist with words.

Congratulations! If you don’t mind sharing pictures, I would love to see them. It sounds like a wonderful day.

I am blind, with extremely limited vision, and I’ve traveled by myself to 25 countries in the past 15 months, most of them in the third world. Every time I need an angel, there is one standing beside me, to take me by the elbow and steer me. I have not had a single anxious moment.