Angels in America: the miniseries

I’m a huge fan of the play and the official site looks better than I’d expect. Of course most of my favorite miniseries (Band of Brothers, From Earth to the Moon, etc.) have been from HBO so that’s not surprising.

Is anybody else looking forward to this? Has anybody seen the play? Ethel Rosenberg’s kaddish for Roy Cohn is something that gets me ferklempt every time.

I plan on watching but I don’t have really high expectations. I’ve not seen either play but have read them both and my reaction to both was generally, “eh.” Maybe they are works which do not leap from the page but only work when staged but I never saw the Pulitzerness.

Haven’t seen either play, but I’ve read both and found them to be immensely enjoyable. I’m interested in watching the miniseries, but I really hope they tone down the conservative bashing. Waaaayyy too heavy handed in the play.

I saw both plays and thought they were brilliant. Here in Alberta a bunch of controversy was generated by some ButtFace member of parliment because of the “Gay Content”. Said ButtFace hadn’t even seen the plays. :rolleyes: However, the controversy probably caused the plays to garner a large audience.

Anyhoo - didn’t know there was a miniseries coming out - hopefully I can get it here in Canada and check it out.

Y’know, this thread has already dropped to the second page, but I bet that when the miniseries actually airs we’re gonna see at least a two page thread about it.