Anger and Pain... tell me what YOU think

Fear leads to anger…anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to the dark side.


If in verse we must sail
To meet oul’ Byzantine
Halfway, then so be it,
For surely I’ve seen
Attempts in my life
Which fell shorter, far worse
Than the Millions’ attempts
At expression in verse.

We’ve all got that black little
Ball in our guts
Of fear pain and anger.
I tell you, it’s nuts
How many of us
In this race toward the grave
Live in mute desperation,
A la Hank Dave.

But these lovely strangers
Occasioned to hear
One fellow poster in pain,
Said, “Don’t fret, have a beer.
Though we can’t understand
All the hurt that you’ve hid
In the lines of your
Poem, you’re not alone, kid.”

We deal how we deal-
Meditation, a bender-
When our wages of sin
Make us cry, “Hey big spender!”
To ourselves, or perhaps
We set down some small ditty
On the best goddamned site
This side of Persian Kitty.