Anglican Rankings

What’s the differnece between a vicar and a reverand? Seems they are of equal rank in the CoE, but different clergy seem to have different titles.

For the Episcopal church (an autonomous division of the Anglican Communion - mainly in Scotland and the USA), this site, and [this one[/UR]L give expalanations of specific terminology.

An honorific title given to ordained clergy in most Christian churches. The correct form of address is “The Reverend John Doe,” and never “Reverend John Doe.”

The Catholic terminology is given [URL=]here](

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I believe Vicar is a particular position in a parish, and Reverand is a general title for an ordained minister. In the Episcopal Church in the US, the clergy member in charge of a parish is known as the Rector. Rector is akin to Vicar in the CofE. The Curate is the #2 in the parish. Both are ordained ministers, and both may be addressed by the title "Reverand’.
This is an empirical conclusion on my part.

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The links are:

Episcopalian here and here