Angry drill instructors

There’s probably also a factor from there being true Universal Service. When *everyone *has to go through it, and you are defending right in the home town or just a short drive away, getting into the soldier mentality is not as much of a totally alien exercise as it is to the average American.

Sorry, but that’s wrong. Ignoring the fact that most of what combat troops in *any *military do is stand guard and go on patrol (and that includes troops deployed in combat zones), the Israeli Army trains for war - real, army-against-army, tank-against-tank war. In fact, part of the IDF’s distinctive characteristics, come from a “permanent war” mindset. Who cares about stuff like saluting, ironed uniforms and following regulations to the letter when there’s a war on? It’s no coincidence that the only war movies where the U.S. military looks familiar to me are those set in WW2.

No, just because the IDF doesn’t believe that abuse is the only form of applied stress, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t put its troops through the wringer when it has to. As the saying goes, “Train hard, fight easy” (we stole that saying from the Russians, I think). It just goes about it differently. Less abuse, fewer individual/more collective punishments, and a greater emphasis on teamwork.

Also, almost everyone who serves is effectively part of a military family, which means that soldiers know a lot more about the military going in, and get plenty of advice - and needling - from their friends, parents and siblings.

My memories of Basic are almost 30 years old. There is yelling. There are shark attacks. Those memories stay with you. But to be honest it’s not like it’s portrayed in Hollywood. It’s not constant yelling. There are lots of examples of humor that the drill sergeants used. The impression you would get from this thread and from Hollywood is its 24 hours screaming. It’s mostly instruction. I had actual conversations with them.

I don’t think #4 is useful.

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