Angry rant about something I saw on COPS

They stop two guys who were driving in a truck. The cops were suspicious for some reason.

They separate the two guys, and ask each one individually where they were headed to. They each gave two different accounts.

So the cop goes and tells the two men that he would like to search their vehicle. He asked the driver to sign a waiver of consent to search the truck. The cop EXPLICITLY stated that the driver did not have to allow his vehicle to be searched.

So what do this DUMBASS do? You guessed it, he agreed to the search. And they found a HUGE amount of cocaine in the back, concealed under some “presents” and other miscellaneous trinkets.

Normally I’m against the drug laws, but in this instance the retards got precisely what they deserved for this stupidity, and I haven’t the slightest amonut of pity for them. They had a chance to avoid spending 20 years in prison by just saying “No”, and they instead chose the other option. They can rot in prison for all I care. Anybody with a Stupidity of this caliber can’t benefit society in any way shape or form.

There is no point in not consenting to a search; the cop would have just called out a k-9 unit and it would have been over from there anways. But, the guy should have at least gave it a shot, but after telling 2 different stories it was history anyways.

Give them a break. They were probably high.

All the more reason why criminals should acquaint themselves with basic constitutional protections before engaging in illegal activity.
“Hey, mind if we garrison this soldier in your crack-house?”

Yeah, for example… if they ask a policeman “Are you a cop?” the officer has to answer honestly, even if he or she is undercover.


Funny thing I saw on Cops:

They were doing a prostitution sting, and the hooker says to the undercover officer, “Are you a cop?” He answers, “No”. They then proceed to bust her, and she says to the cop, “You lied to me”. And he says, “I’m sorry”.

Hey, Blalron, would that “HUGE” amount of cocaine been a benefit?

I’m all for legalizing some drugs, but coke isn’t one of them.

I sincerly hope they got shived in prison before they could get out and start pedaling poison again.

You would think these dolts would agree on a fucking story just in case they did get stopped! It’s the same thing every time. Drug runners also tend to drive cars with one tail light out, a tag thats about to fall off, a cracked windshied, expired inspection or the exhuast system dragging fifteen feet behind the vehicle. I know they’re not the brightest but they have these ingeniously crafted secret compartments which hold millions of dollars worth of drugs and they can’t do a fucking pre-trip inspection.

Not to mention they seem to like speeding

pffft Drug-runners nowadays:rolleyes:

Not necesssarily. The nearest K9 drug unit could have been unavailable. It could have taken an hour to get there, and even if the cops held them for an hour waiting for the drug dog, a court might find that amounted to a seizure without probable cause.

Never consent to a search, even if your car is squeaky-clean and you’re just returning from a Bible study with your two maiden aunts.

If you truly have nothing, then there’s no reason for them to search, is there? And if you have the bad luck to be using your car after your kid’s no-account friends mistakenly left a dime bag in the car, then you’re in for a world of hurt.

If you don’t consent, there are plenty of ways to challenge the search. If you consent, you’ve given up on all of them.


Or maybe it’s only the drug runners we catch who drive cars like that.

I’ve seen people like those in the OP on COPS before, and their stupidity truly is mind-boggling. They don’t want to appear uncooperative, so they consent to a search, thinking to themselves “Ha! He’ll never find that brick of marijuana. It’s hidden underneath the spare tire!”

Adding a little to what neuroman said, I remember a Police Officer explaing (perhaps on COPS) that the suspects also think “Hey if I them tell it’s ok to search my car then they will think I have nothing to hide. Therefore the Police Officer will not do a real thorough search and never think of looking between the seat coushions (under the spare tire, etc).”

Just be glad we have stupid criminals. Perhaps the very reason they are criminals in the first place.

Wouldn’t the reason be to prove that you have nothing?

I would let them go ahead and be on my way in 5 minutes, instead of sitting there for an hour while a K9 is on the way.

Prove your own innocence? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

If I can prove my innocence why wouldn’t I?

Because once you consent to a search, the cop can spend hours looking over your car, even partly disassembling it. By consenting, you’re putting an awful lot of faith in the fact that the cop is competent (i.e. he’ll do a rapid search and let it go at that) and honest (i.e. he won’t plant anything on you so he can make a bust).

Your innocence is legally presumed, anyway. You don’t have to prove a damn thing.

I like and respect cops, but I’m not putting myself at the mercy of anyone voluntarily.

I always laugh at the fact that the cops on that show try to give the impression that admitting guilt is going to get you off. They’ll say something like “You should have cooperated with us” as they’re arresting someone. Of course, “cooperating” would have gotten them arrested anyway, with an admission of guilt to use against them to boot.

So you are telling me that I’d actually save time by refusing to let an officer search my car?

Somehow that doesn’t seem right.

As far as planting evidence, if a cop is crooked enough to plant evidence, (something I would imagine is not very common), do you think refusing a search will make him throw his hands in the air and give up?

Me neither.

Well, if a cop is determined to give you a hard time, he can. I see no reason to cooperate more than I have to. In such a situation, you should be firm and clear that you do NOT consent to a search and you are NOT waiving any rights. If the cop is determined to waste your time, you may as well waste his by being as uncooperative as your civil rights allow.

Those rights were hard-won, and I’m disinclined to give them up so easily.

Well in the case of nothing illegal being in the car, I don’t see consenting to a search as wavering any rights, I see it as “fine look in my car, you’ll find nothing and let me be on my way”. I guess if the cop is crooked you will be screwed faster, because he plants the evidence in 5 minutes, as opposed to an hour later after he gets a warrant to search your vehicle. Look on the bright side, with my technique you’ll be out of jail 55 minutes sooner. :smiley:


In this situation I would prefer to give him as little as possible reason to tick him off. I won’t torment my hijackers if I’m ever taken hostage for the same reason. Most likely I will have better results then you.


They sure were, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to exercise them if common sense dictates otherwise. Have fun enjoying your moral victory from a jail cell.