Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - ongoing discussion thread

I know we had a “heads up” thread, but the game is out all around the world now and my daughter has created her camp and the games is up and running.

I haven’t played an Animal Crossing since the Gamecube one, but this one seems neat enough.

I have a few Q’s and haven’t looked enough yet to fully understand:

  1. Can the same device have multiple camps? I have two children interested.

  2. If they keep their camps on separate devices, can they visit each other’s camps?

Anyone else playing?

I downloaded it. It seems okay but I dunno if it’s my kind of game. I don’t like how I’m needing to buy every piece of furniture in the game to get people to come to my camp. And it seems like I’m fighting with my inventory all the time with all the collectibles.

The game’s really new though and there seem to be a lot of features “coming”, like clothes crafting, so I’m reserving judgment for now. I like it enough to keep it for now.