Animal Fights

Who would win the following fights:

20 monkeys* v. a tiger
gorilla v. bear

the fights will take place in a 20’ by 20’ foot square with walls and a 20’ ceiling.

*the monkeys have hammers

The monkeys.

The gorilla. He’s got upper body strength the bear would give its left gonad for. The bear can get in a couple good swipes with his claws, but the gorilla would start breaking bones from the first swing.

Am I the only one who first read this as "animal frights ":wink:


Who would win in a fight: a porcupine or a giant but modest bee in an all wool jumpsuit?

And where in Las Cruces, New Mexico are you planning on staging these fights?

I’d put my money on the tiger against the monkeys.
And what a sight that would be. Monkeys flying around the ring like … um … monkey being chased by a tiger. Christ the tiger would probably have to take a break after downing the first 12 or so just to catch it’s breath.
My turn:

Who would win in a fight.

A 110 year old Galopogas tortoise or a giant three toed sloth?

Against a tiger??? No thanks, pal.

Well, I am thinking a monkey can swing a hammer pretty hard. Oh and the monkeys would be trained to fight (the tiger can be trainied too).

Well in the spirit of the OP, how about…

A tree verses a lamp post?

*the lamp post has a stop sign