Animal Humor (a poll)

Which is funnier:
A monkey “biker” with a leather jacket riding a tricycle?
A dog “ballerina” wearing a tutu hopping around on its back legs?

Monkey, monkeys are always funny.

Another vote for the monkey. The ballerina dog has been done to death.

Ride fast, die hard, leave a good looking prehensile tail.

Funny is the dog ballerina hopping furiously because she is being chased by the monkey on the tricycle.

The monkey’s jacket reads “Simians Of Hell, Rwanda Chapter”. He has a Pokemon card rippling in the spokes of the front wheel. Attached to the back of the seat is a sticker that says, “Loud Pipes Save Lives”. He gets a kick out of barreling past Malibu Barbie’s Camaro and setting her alarm off.

The monkey catches up with Fifi, snatches her up under his hairy monkey arm, and pulls into the parking lot of “Mighty Joe’s Roadhouse”. He rips off the tutu, stuffs it in her mouth, and has his monkey way with her right there in the gravel, earning his Red Wings in the process.


Is the monkey a chimp? Only a chimp would be funny. Dogs in tutus are not funny.

Unless their name is Desmond.

How about a dog in a tutu that also has one of those no scratch cones around his head? Those cheerleader dogs do crack me up.

Monkeys in clothes are scary.


Neither is funny. Animals in human clothes are, in my opinion, a cheap sleazy gag.

I vote for the water-skiing squirrel. That’s entertainment.

I vote for the monkey butler suit dancer.

I kinda think I’d like to see Rue in a monkey suit and a tutu.

You mean Twiggy?

Too bad we lost the guy who trained water-skiing squirrels. Chuck Best passed away trying to rescue someone from a accident (lived in Sanford, FL, about an hour from my home). The water skiing squirrel was rather a hoot: the wife is carrying on the legacy.

Monkey - I like leather jackets. :slight_smile:

The money. A penguin dressed as a pirate would be funnier than either, though. ARRRRRRR!!!

Monkey, dammit.

could you please be more specific as to the type of tricycle?

Classic red Radio Flyer with the step on the back Babs. With an orange flag for safety.