Poll: talking cats, or talking monkeys?

Which is funnier? Please provide examples. Show your work.

Monkeys are funnier than anything.

Yes, but . . .

A bit early for you to be starting another cat thread, don’t you think? I mean, considering how the last one went down.

Oooh, that’s a tough one. On the one hand, there’s Top Cat. On the other, there’s Lancelot Link (yeah, technically an ape, but still). Top Cat or Lance? Lance or Top Cat? It’s a toss-up for me.

What about a poll with Flying Cats vs Flying Monkeys instead?

Stay on topic please. If you want to post about the cat thing, please do it in the Pit.

I said monkeys but then I remembered those talking cats in the youtube video–the ones that are making those purring noises and then things get dubbed in. And then there’s that youtube vid of the talking mystic cat–he KILLS me!

Moved from Cafe Society to IMHO. This isn’t about arts/entertainment.

There are talking cats/monkeys outside the realm of arts/entertainment? (Books, TV, film, etc.) I want to live in your world.

Talking cats and monkeys are a comedy cliche; I’m not sure where else you’d’ve imagined I’d put such a thread, CK. It can only be about Garfield or Lancelot Link. What else could it possibly be about?

It’s about a joke (talking animal) which happens to appear in many forms of art/entertainment. But I consider it right along with, “Which is funnier: knock-knock jokes or limericks?” You can say that both are forms of entertainment, or of poetry, but that doesn’t make the topic Cafe Society. “A cat walks into a bar and says…” or “A monkey walks into a bar and says…” or “A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, ‘Why the long face?’” Jokes, humor, amusement. Yes, could be a Cafe Society topic, but I didn’t read it that way. The OP was, which is funnier in general, not “which famous cartoon character is funnier.”

A talking monkey would tell jokes, while a talking cat would bitch and whine all day.

Talking cats makes cats proportionally much funnier than talking makes monkeys; nevertheless the monkeys are funnier. In some cases, even when the talking degrades the humor (case in point - a few of TBS Monkey-ed Movies were funny, but some were just bad, and would have been better with the sound off. None of them would have aired if they were cats.)

Monkeys are eeeevil. Cats are funny.

But talking evil monkeys would be funny.

I can’t imagine cats saying anything of interest. It would be all “feed me,” “pet me,” or “piss off and leave me alone, can’t you see I’m trying to nap?”

See, most cats above twelve months would be too suave and concerned with their dignity to be funny. Sure, it would be hillarious the one time Tabitha rolled over and fell off the couch, but day to day basis you’d keep cats around for elegance.

Monkeys are made to be clowns.

If we’re going for funny, monkeys.
Though if you were asking which I would want IRL, cats. (Would they still do other ‘cat’ things, aside from talking?). NOW, if it were cats and dogs… I would go with cats. Maybe it’s because I have cats, and maybe it’s the fear of the bigger dogs greeting me with a; “I’m going to bite your balls off”.

We’re really more apes, as we generally don’t have tails. But some of us are hilarious. This past election year kept providing top notch examples.

Monkeys are too like people to make talking funny. Now cats are funny.

Syvlester is hilarious.

Krazy Kat, is so funny she doesn’t know that Ignatz her. Or that Krazy Kat is so stupid not to recognize the fact Ignatz doesn’t appreciate sexual come on’s by same sex inter species. Krazy Kat is EITHER a boy or girl, depending on the plot. Now that’s crazy

Then theirs Felix the Cat, he’s the most wonderful wonderful cat. See he’s not JUST wonderful, he’s THE MOST wonderful, wonderful. That’s TWO wonderfuls

Let’s not forget Pumpkin Puss and that uppitty, Mush Mouse, you will notice at the end of each cartoon, Pumpkin Puss regains the upper hand. One of the few times a cat comes out the better in a cat -vs- mouse cartoon.

And finally there’s Top Cat, the most effectual, Top Cat, he’s homosexual, close friends get to…

Well never mind what Top Cat actually let’s his close friends do. He was doing it in California so they replealed the law and made them change the opening lyrics anyway