Animal Noises - Doper See and Say

Hey Dopers - how do you describe the noises that various animals make in your country?

In the U.S.
a cat says: Meow
a dog says: rough:
a rooster says: Cock-a-doodle-doo.
(A wanton woman says: any cock… never mind, old joke.)
A cow says: Mooooo
A lamb says: baaaa

three singing pigs go “la, la, la…”

In Swedish:

a cat says: Mjau
a dog says: Vov
a rooster says: Kuckeliku
A cow says: Muuuh
A lamb says: Bäää

heh. Onomatopoeia. A fun topic with a fun name.


Cat: miau
dog: wuff, wau
rooster: kikerikii
hen: gluck gluck
cow: muuuh
lamb: määäh/ bäääh
pig: oink oink


cat: miau, kurnau
dog: hau
rooster: kukkokiekuu! (the rooster seems to be the most graphic in any given language… :slight_smile: )
hen: kot kot kot
cow: ammuu, muu
lamb: mää
pig: röh röh (the h is pronounced with a slight friction, almost like the German ch)
small songbirds: titityy


cat: miau (I particularly like the purring: ron ron :smiley: )
dog: guau
rooster: quiquiriquí
hen: cló-cló
cow: mu
lamb: be
small bird: pío pío

I only know of one my Oma used to imitate:


Rooster-- " Kiiiiiii kiiiiiii rrrrrrrrrriiii kiiiiiiiiii" Yep, Universe, had to be there when she did it…

Don’t ask. It was hilarious when she did it.


cat: mee-oo mee-oo, said in a high tone quickly. I don’t remeber how they spell it, I learned it from my French teacher who was from France in 8th grade. I wish I could remember the rest. . . I liked them better than the “American” animal noises

NO, NO, NO, You say, that isn’t right! The pigs say “Oink” all day and night.

Just to add a few more U.S. dog sounds:
[li]A small dog says “arf.”[/li][li]A big dog says “woof.”[/li][li]A really small dog says “yap! yap! yap!”[/li][/ul]

And an Owl says: Who or Hoo