Animal sounds in other languages

In English, roosters say “Cock a doodle do.”

In French, roosters say “Co co ri co”

What do Italian roosters say? Do Belgian pigs say “oink?”

How do dogs bark in Dutch? Japanese? Malay?

And who decides these things?


No, groin groin (Walloon ones, anyway)


wanwan or kyankyan

gonggong (if it’s like Indonesian)

All from here


Lesson: Google before starting thread.

I just read that in Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader

In Spanish, I was once taught, dogs say ‘gwah!’

guau-guau, usually, which is pronounced more-or-less hwow-hwow

Dogs: Vow-vow
Pigs: ruff-ruff
roosters: koo-koo-ree-koo
cats: miao
cows: boo
frogs: brek-brek
These aren’t the proper spellings; just what I’ve learned from 3-year-old son who has learned it from his Hungarian mom.

When in France, I can get into any taxi I want as ask for Anti-freeze and make the sound of a pig.

“Gweek, Gweek” (spelled as it sounds to me)

The driver of said cab will immediatly recognize me as a Genius along the lines of Jerry Lewis.