Animal vs Animal: Bosda's Turn To Pick.

We all know the Tiger vs Lion discussions, done ad nauseum, both here & on other various other Boards.

Here’s a new take.
The Red Kneed Tarantula vs A Hedgehog.

Tarantulas have a nasty bite, & sometimes eat small mammals, although the Hedgehog is likely too large for it’s usual tastes.

Hedgehogs eat insects & spider. Tartantulas are larger than it likes as well, and it has less offensive power than the spider, but a far stronger defence in its spikes.

Who wins?

The hedgehog, if only because he has a better photographer.

*Ain’t me, it’s the people they say
The spiders are leading the hedgehogs astray
But I say, it’s the hedgehogs today
Are smarter than the spiders in every way

That’s right! the hedgehogs are smarter
That’s right! the hedgehogs are smarter*

Any other opinions?

The hedgehog wins, if for no other reason than this. :smiley:

That was twisted.