Animals that mate, or try to, outside their species

If there is no mate to be found. are there any animals that WON’T try to screw whatever looks most like a mate? I’m pretty sure some species will do that mate or not. but what I’m asking really is whether the sex drive is equally compelling across species?

There is a very endangered NZ parrot called a Kakapo. On a documentry about them they showed one lonely chap who had been booming (calling) for a mate for months, none was to be found.

So he had his way with a dead seagull. :smiley:

My dog used to ‘fall in love’ with a stuffed Simba from The Lion King. I guess he didn’t want word of his youthful indescretion getting around, because he tore that toy apart after a while, guaranteeing its silence.
Haven’t you ever seen a dog ‘humping’ a person’s leg?

Humans, cows, and goats.

Humans: look up animal porn sometime, you’ll see that a lot of people like to breed with animals. BTW it may be illegal to do this in your juristiction, don’t google unless you know.

Cows: More than a few bulls have “jumped” me. (I live on a cattle (used to be dairy) farm).

Goats: ^^ Ditto, Horney as a billy goat is a well deserved sterotype.

Thanks, but my clumsy language has made my question unclear. I assume most animals will screw anything if a mate isn’t available.

I’m looking for animals that WON’T screw if they can’t find a mate of their own species.

Planning a guest list for an ark?

Someone has been surfing where they should not have been.

I dunno… I had a cockatiel who had a rather intimate relationship with my guitar stand.

Also, I watch a lot of wildlife documentaries, and once there was this show about hawks, can’t remember the species right off hand, but anyway, a male hawk had set up housekeeping with a female of a completely different species. There were females of his own species in the area, the main focus of the documentary was a family of the species the male belonged to, but they would look in on the “mixed” family, and they successfully raised a nest full of chicks. I dunno, maybe there was a shortage of mates of his own species, maybe he just had a taste for the exotic, but, in the wild, it’s rare, but it does happen.

Well, if you’re sticking with mammals, there are probably no species in which no zenophilia exists. Individuals may be pickier, of course.

If you look at insects, though, there are a number of species of moths which will only mate with a females with that species pheremones, there are fireflies which only mate with females that blink at the right frequency (which is species-specific), and I think some other bug that only mates when the wingbeat frequency is correct.

Some of these species-specific mating cues (especially pheremones) have been faked by scientists, but I wouldn’t really consider that a case of the bug mating outside its species, more a case of deliberate confusion. I do remember one plant which depends on a particular insect species to pollinate it, and so has a pistil that is shaped exactly like a female of that species - again a case of deliberate fakery.


      • A friend who grew up on a farm told me that no other animal was as openly horny as male goats were. They consistently tried to get on any other female animal that appeared even the slightest bit receptive.

Slightly off topic, but I always think about the dog humping my leg or human zoophilia when I hear science fiction geeks complaining about how ridiculous the cheesy 50’s B movie/Star Trek series/X-Files episode was to suppose that aliens would try to mate with our women. (“Mars Needs Women!”)

My beloved and recently deceased cockatiel had a similar relationship with my foot.

There once was a parrot who’d mull,
Why his sex life was wretchedly dull,
“Try ‘ard as I may,
Ain’t no one to lay,
Ceptin’ this here ol’ magotty seagull.”

My fiance proposed an alternative last line. Is it better than my ending?

Nope. Yours rocks! Very funny :slight_smile: Poor old sad kakapo would love this.

Three just died from some bacteria…ain’t more then 80 of them left now :frowning: Can’t blame the poor chap for lusting after some maggoty seagull.

Listen to him boom Porr lil bugger.

They (sometimes) hand rear them with puppets, only to let them go to lead fruitful lives of dead seagull humping. Poem that why don’t you :wink: