Is there bestiality among beasts?

Some humans will have sex with other species of animal – but humans do a lot things that would never even occur to any other species. In the wild, do animals of different species ever mate?

Sure, Lions and Tigers do it, as well at Horses, Zebras, Donkeys, etc. Dolphins do it as well i believe

There have been polar bear/grizzly bear hybrids found in the wild, which I assume indicates at least some interspecies loving in the animal kingdom.

Yep, certain animals have been known to sexually stimulate other species and attempt at mating - sometimes with disastrous results. Some apes will engage in sexual play with monkeys that they also eat.

In the wild? I thought mules, Ligers, Tigons, etc. were all the results of animals kept in captivity

Umm, what do dolphins due it with besides other dolphins & propane salesmen?

My male rabbit sure liked trying to do it with my female cat every chance he got.

Goats have been known to mount other critters, like dogs, sheep, and even small ponies.

Other species of dolphins, for one; e.g., interspecies interactions have been documented between spotted and bottlenose dolphins. I don’t know if that counts in terms of the OP.

Oh, and a dolphin with a false killer whale, but I don’t know if that was in the wild or in captivity.

My dog (female - fixed) will hump my cat (male - fixed), so I’m guessing that there’s a lot of fooling around going on in general. Yes, I know it’s a dominance display. It’s also a sign that there’s a reflex there that ain’t too picky.

There’s lots of intra-species sex in the wild, but much of it is at least inter-genus, like many of the examples here*. There have been reports of elephants raping rhinos, though, and that might better fit what the OP is asking about. If two species were to mate often in the wild (producing fertile hybrids), biologists would probably reclassify them as the same species

*although many of the examples, like ligers, only occur in captivity.

As he apparently tried it more than once, I infer she had been declawed.

Tigon? Is that a cross between a TIger and a draGON? :cool:

Yea, some scientists decided that tigers weren’t quite dangerous enough, so they’d try and breed some fire-breathing ones. You know, just to see…

(Tigons and ligers are both tiger/lion hybrids, what gender the respective parents are determines the name (though I forget which is which)).

Hmm—Does it really count as beastiality if the, er, mates are indeed capable of producing viable offspring (like lions and tigers, or donkeys and horses)?

not the wild, but…

Sure, although it rarely results in conception. When physical/survival-based needs are unsatisfied, pressure increases to meet those needs. As the pressure increases, “releaser” requirements decrease. It’s very much like what happens to the way in which a guy perceives the woman at the other end of the bar around closing time. She might have been a 3 at 9:00, but by the time that 1:30 rolls around, she’s become an 8. This has nothing to do with beer goggles, although that effect should not be discounted - it’s just not necessary to this explanation. We see the results of releaser requirements decreasing every time a dog humps a human’s leg, or a sofa, or whatever. Those objects have become satisfactory releasers, and have triggered a fixed action pattern (humping). In the wild, any other animal can serve as a releaser, and if the plug can reach the socket…voila! If the animals are sufficiently similar genetically, conception can occur.

I’m intrigued by this comment, let me just make sure I understand you correctly - are you saying your female dog will get into a position where she is on top of the male cat and hump him as if she had a male organ to copulate with?

I got to wondering about this, BTW, upon seeing a clip from The Mind of Mencia featuring a penguin going at it with a duck.

This is a good point, and you’ve articulated what I was implying when I noted that a lot of what we see is still intra-genus mating. Let’s keep in mind that the label “species” is, to a certain extent, a human construct. If a horse mates with a donkey, that’s really not so surprising. When an elephant tries to mate with a rhino, that’s a different matter.