Is there bestiality among beasts?

Google image “world’s worst hunting dog.”

Animal husbandry. :stuck_out_tongue:

I take it you don’t have dogs at home. This is not at all unusual.

BTW, since we’re talking about lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!), the most recent edition of Scientific American has an article on the evolution of the cat family. DNA analysis indicates that the line leading to lions and tigers split about 4M years ago. Not all that different from humans and chimps. And if you consider the much longer reproductive cycle of primates vs cats, that works out to more generations between the lion/tiger split and the human/chimp split. Now, there are more significant anatomical differences between humans and chimps as compared to lions and tigers, but it’s an interesting data point nonetheless.

But the hedgehog can never be buggered at all!

How about inter-phylum sex? Actually, inter-kingdom!

-It might at first appear that this is a case of insects shagging plants, but in fact, it’s actually the plants that are shagging the insects.

Wow. Brings new meaning to the term buggery.

My neighbor’s rabbit routinely raped their chiuaua. Both were male.

Ligers have a lion daddy, look mostly leonine (especially male ligers), and are freakin’ huge. Tigons have a tiger father and are rather smaller than the parents. They crop up occasionally in the wild - there are still some Asiatic lions about the place.

Until I read this thread, I thought a Liger was a creature made up for Napoleon Dynamite, but wikipedia assures me they’re actually a real species.

One of the many reasons I love this place!

Do you have a cite for either tigons or ligers occurring in the wild? I’ve never heard of it happening, and would be very interested in reading about it. The wikipedia article says it “may” have happened in the Gir Forest in India, but it only talks about mating, not the production of actual hybrids.

I may have misread the cite then - tho’ I’d guess that if matings have been occasionally seen then there are likely to have been occasional cubs as a result.

Unfortunately the last really interesting thing I read about a liger concerned a tame one, which apparently was just a great big cuddly puddy tat all its life. I can dig up the link if you’d like to read that though. :slight_smile:

A gigantic puddy tat…

It’s threads like this that keep me a member.

Psst, John, I think you got your prefices swapped here. Most sex is intra-species, but it takes something like your elephino example to be inter-genus.

I did indeed switch them! I guess it’s all this crazy mixed up sex that’s got me confused. :slight_smile: Thanks for correcting that error.

huh huh … member.

Hey, that could be the twin of the one I linked to! :stuck_out_tongue:

Every now and again, The Discover Channel will air “Humanzee”, which is bogus show about a bogus chimp called Oliver who was touted as a Human/Chimp hybrid until someone finally did a DNA test and found it he was just a regular ol’ chimp (which they don’t tell you until the last minute of the show). Anyway… it’s worth watching, though, because there is some video footage of a liger, and the thing is just enormous. You can appreciate the size of that thing much more when it’s moving around.

Come to think of it… youtube probably has a video here. Check out some of the other videos on that page, too.

Recently there was a lot of commotion surrounding a northern elephant seal known as “Nibbles” up near Jenner, CA (where the Russian River meets the Pacific.) Nibbles repeatedly attempted to mate with harbor seals. Not a good prospect for the harbor seals since Nibbles weighed upwards of 1,000 lbs and the largest harbor seals reach 300 lbs. He killed several of them during his attempts, but no elepharbor seals were produced.