Animaniacs And Childres

Do kids actually like this show? I just caught a few episodes this past week and it is very very funny. But the level of humour is so adult. I found it hysterical but I fail to see how kids can reference the humour.

They did a wacky send up on “That Girl” but what kid can remember that?

I’ve only seen one episode of Animaniacs, and I thought it was funny. It was a send-up of Sunset Boulevard.

I don’t think kids would get something like that, though.

I think this is really just a continuation of the Warner Bros tradition. Old Bugs Bunny cartoons are filled with refs to old actors and events that I still have no clue about. It never detracted from my enjoyment of the cartoons. My kid started enjoying Animaniacs when he was barely a year old. I think that Warner Bros is pretty good at mixing in a diverse range of humor to make it easier for parents to watch with their kids. Good philosophy.

Gotta post a retraction…the Sunset Boulevard thing was Tiny Toon Adventures, not Animaniacs. Still pretty funny, though.

I love the Animaniacs! My favorite episode is one where the kids are investigating a robbery (in a museum, I think) and Yakko tells Dot to get prints. She comes back carrying the purple one himself, Prince (or the Artist Formerly Known As…) Yakko sees this and says, “No, no, no, FINGER prints!” Dot takes a look at Prince, then tosses him aside saying, “No thanks!” (Read it out loud to yourself, you’ll get it.) I almost wet myself during that episode!

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I have a wav file of one of Yakko’s songs. He sings about the planets, lists them with funny descriptions (“And then there’s Mars it’s really red, what more can I say?”).

But he misses one out. Out comes Wakko and says “You forgot Uranus.”


“Gooood night everybody…”

Very very funny. :slight_smile:

Not to mention the legendary Pinky and the Brain.

“Are you pondering what I’m pondering, Pinky,?”

“Well, I think so, Brain, but I can’t memorize a whole opera in Yiddish.”

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I love watching Animaniacs with my kids, we laugh at different parts, but hey! We laugh.

Tiny Toons is another one with great adult aimed humor…Like the movie “what we did on our summer vacation” or something like that…
They did a spoof of Deliverance! of all things! DELIVERANCE!!!

The simpsons too, they did references to deliverance, and to Clockwork Orange too…

I get such a kick out of that stuff…
I remember a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where he is reaging the backs of the chairs of the ‘round table’ and he comes to Sir Osis of Liver (Sirrosis of the liver!) Funny stuff.

My 8 year old often looks at me and asks if I am pondering what he is pondering. :slight_smile:

IIRC, the investigation with Dot getting Prince is on a cruise ship. They are investigating the disappearance of the hippo lady’s diamond, or something like that. Pinky and the Brain have a cameo appearance dressed in lederhosen.

I loved that joke too. Subtle, but oh so daring. :slight_smile:

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Narf! I think so, Brain. But me and Pippy Longstockings? I mean, what would the children look like?

I’ve never seen it, but I heard that there is an Animaniacs spoof of Les Miserables that is supposed to be fabulous…

okaytm: Les Miseranimals with Rita and Runt.

Pretty funny, but not as good as some Animaniacs send-ups.

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I love animaniacs and Pinky & The Brain. Great shows - I liked 'em when I was young, and I still like them! I love the songs they throw in it…like that previously mentioned Planet song, and that song where Yakko names all of the countries of the world really really quickly…or the song where Brain names parts of the brain, or the one where Wakko names all 50 states and their capitals…it’s neat.
BTW, another great cartoon that is great for all ages is the highly underappreciated (and sadly no longer on the air) anime, “Samurai Pizza Cats.” Yeah, the name makes it sound like an awful show, but if you actually watch a few episodes and get into it, it’s great.

The best one I’ve seen was Histeria, it was on last year, but I believe it was cancelled over the summer. They had Atilla the Hun and Cher singing “Hun, me got you hun” that had me falling out of my chair in laughter. Now that’s funny stuff.


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I laugh every time I think of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot in Hell. As they talk to Satan, Wakko runs outside, grabs a snowball, and brings it back to Hell where it promptly melts

“You know, it really didn’t stand a chance.”