Hellooooo Netflix! (Animaniacs)

Netflix just added the complete series of Animaniacs, all four volumes.

To this I have one thing to say…FROINLAVEN!

Goodnight everybody!

Now all they need to do is add Freakazoid, we need to have the antics of F! on Netflix, maybe they can find a way to give Candlejack some more airti…

Great news. I’m so happy I could finger Prince!


This is very cute news!!!

Yes! I was quite pleased to see the Animaniacs pop up.

Does it come with all the side shows like Goodfeathers and the girl that blows up like a nuclear bomb? (I forget her name)

Katie Ka-Boom.




O.K. I love you. Buh-BYE!

I’m so excited to the max. There’s baloney in my slacks!

The best episode of Katie Ka-Boom was when they did all crossovers for each of the segments.

Katie Ka-Boom was done as a crossover with Chicken-Boo.
Chicken-Boo, disguised as a teenage boy, was Katie Ka-Boom’s new boyfriend. Katie’s whole family could see that her boyfriend was actually a giant chicken and they tried to point this out to her. She became furious and the little lady Katie went “KA-BOOM!”

It’s time for another Good Idea / Bad Idea.

Good Idea: Laughing at Animaniacs.
Bad Idea: Laughing at pyromaniacs.

I think so, Brain, but where are we going to find a life-size butter sculpture of Teddy Roosevelt at this hour? :cool:

My son and I watched the first one a couple of days ago. Maybe because we just finished an episode of West Wing, but I found it a bit frenetic. I’m hoping to settle in as we move along and enjoy the episodes more.


Hooray! Been hoping for it for a while.

I showed the opening song to my son when I saw Animaniacs were added and patiently explained that they had baloney in their slacks. He didn’t quite get it and wanted to watch Digimon instead. Kids are stupid.

Flee. Flee in terror. Yes! That would be the wisest course.

It’s a potty emergency!

Those are the facts.

I have to say, THIS is a crazy hard song to sing. Props to Yakko (And the guy that does his voice. Obviously)

there’s other videos on youtube of Rob Paulsen singing it live. He’s good


I used to watch Animanics all the time in the 90s (only 90s kids will remember this)

then when the DVDs came out I got the first volume of the DVD and I was disappointed. It didn’t hold up as well as I remembered. Some parts are still great (like The Nations of the World). But there was a lot of bad forgettable mediocre stuff.

The Ballad of Magellan is still my all time fave.
Whoppie-ti-yi-yo, keep tryin’ Magellan! You’ll find the East Indies, you just don’t know where!
That’s comedy gold.