Animated Stereoviews of Old Japan

See them here.

I likes them.

Very nice.

The fourth one reminds me of our house in Hayama.

As I said in another thread, I’ve been inside the Buddha statue.

I just saw one of those yesterday. Why does the color look fake? Is it “coloration” ala Ted turner?

I guess the photographer like Geishas

A couple of techniques for color photography did exist around the time some of those pictures were taken, but they were experimental and rare. The colored pictures on that page were hand-colored, probably with watercolor.

Neat pictures.
/high five I’ve been inside that Buddha too, on school field trips! He’s got a window in his back.

Geishas looking at stereoviews! What if they are looking at their own stereoview? Would reality turn inside out?

Not only are they hand colored but they are hand colored prints of photographs versus actual photo stereoviews. There are varying levels of quality associated with prints and those on the site listed seem to be of a high quality.

Interesting visual technique to display the images in alternating sequence to fool the brain. You still get the sensation of depth with one eye closed which you wouldn’t get if viewing the stereoview normally.

Who doesn’t? :smiley:

Dahlings, EVERYONE’S been in that Buddha. :cool:

I was kind of disappointed that you can’t go up into his head and look out his eyes.

Pretty pictures, but the animation was disturbing; it was like watching an earthquake in progress.

Well, it IS Japan.

I missed that on the first look through. A stereoview of someone watching stereoviews. What would the subjects in the picture think if they knew the entire world would be able to see them someday.

That statue is such a slut.