Animatrix: The Second Renaissance..SPOILERS

So the Animatrix second parter on how we got to the Matrix came online a few days ago. We see the battles and see how UTTERLY STUPID humanity is in the future.

It is…disturbing and rightly so (I direct you to the heavy mech guy and the floating tentacles as proof)

Yes there are some questions that have arosed (Why Morpheus said they were not sure what happened in the first one when this account was in the archives, etc etc.) and I saw no discussion on it so…discuss

Disturbing but interesting nontheless. I have seen that anime style before, who did it?

Yeah, that one with the guy in the mech being taken out was disturbing.

As for the archive, who says the future humans have access to it. Maybe the archive is stored on a computer outside of the Matrix not for the humans but for the machines obsessive need to record everything.

Just started the download. Will be back soon.

I thought it was supposed to be the Zion Mainframe.

The sketetal horse and rider, plus the human experimatation, all quite disturbing.

IIRC, Morpheus only said that they were unsure who struck first in the war between the men and machines. The archive doesn’t cover this, only showing that they’re at war. Most of what is covered, Morpheus does mention (e.g. the scorching of the sky, birth of AI, etc.), giving the impression to me that he’s either seen the archives or has heard the story from someone who has.

This episode made me want to just sit somewhere quiet and throw up all over myself :frowning: It was so very disturbing, the whole lot of it. I didn’t know anybody could be paid to scream that well.

Link? oh, ok, I’ll google…

Ok, can someone please explain to me this “human as battery” thing? No sun=no food, no food = no people. Can it be possible that someone made three movies based on the idea that people are able to generate energy? It has to be the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Any competent high school kid should be able to tell you, it don’t work like that. Yeah, ok, science fiction, but come on!

oh, and the link (not hard to find)

And I’m going to throw in with everyone who was bothered by that, geesh. Is all anime that disturbing?? For some reason “Saving Private Ryan” and “real” humans getting shredded doesn’t seem anywhere near as bad as the cartoon version.

Kind of torn on the whole Animatrix. The animation is excellent and of high quality. At the same time, in their attempt to answer some questions they create more questions.

We know the machines are susceptible to EMPs, but they didn’t seem to have any problems with nuke strikes.

Why did they think that darkening out the skies would affect the machines? The seems to be able to fight without a problem.

Note to self: If I’m ever in a battle mech fighting an army of robots and they start laser drilling the exoskeleton. Hit the self destruct.

I’ve become confused as to what the point of The Animatrix really is. At first, I thought it was supposed to fill in gaps and give the backstory of The Matrix. However, after reading some product descriptions, I’m thinking that they’re just fanfiction that’s been approved by the Wachowski brothers. Which is still cool, but I wouldn’t expect it to explain anything. Really, so far, the only one that adds any to the story of The Matrix is “Second Renaissance”, and there’s nothing in there that I probably couldn’t have guessed.

But now, looking at the website, maybe it is intended to fill in the gaps:

I just don’t know what to think anymore. The site says that four of the nine were written by the brothers Wachowski, but doesn’t say which four. Does anyone know if it’s the four that are available for download?

I’ve seen a couple of people online talking about seeing “Final Flight of the Osiris”. Is this one actually available somewhere already? I can’t find it.

Okay, now a plot point that I think I can answer:

The machines are solar powered. Either the humans miscalculated how long their batteries would last without recharging, or the machines had upgraded their batteries without the humans’ knowledge. As for where humans get food, maybe they had geothermal or nuclear power plants that the machines didn’t have access to, and artificial greenhouses, in preparation of, say, a nuclear winter.

But why keep the people around for energy? WHY!?!?!? You will never, NEVER get more energy out of a person than you put into him. NEVER! So, if the machines need energy, they should take all the corn (or whatever it is) that they are feeding all the people in their little cells and BURN it to make electricity. Get themselves a nice ethanol fired gas turbine and be done with it. Am I the only one that is bothered by this?

What, have you been living under a proverbial rock? Of course you’re not the only one bothered by that. I myself am not bothered by it, because we humans do the same thing - access inefficient sources of energy. But you are far from the first person to bring it up. Every Matrix thread seems to turn to that eventually; looks like Animatrix threads aren’t safe from it, either.

People, can we just get over the fact about the humans as batteries thing? Yeah sure it is a plot hole big enough to drive a Mac tuck through but like Achernar said, it’s been done to death.

Those would be the two second ren episodes (available for download), Kid’s story (only on the DVD), and Final Flight of the Osiris (discussed in the next part).

The only place you can legally see it right now would be at the theaters, playing with Dreamcatcher.

Rhum Runner, your absolutely right, but I think you’ve crossed the line in letting the science get in the way of the fiction.

Why do the fighters in the Star Wars universe, manuver like WWII fighter? Shouldn’t they fight more like a 3D version of Asteroids?

As far as the batteries, I have two theories:

  1. The Robots are vengeful. We see a little bit of it in the Second Renaissance. They make a point of forcing the humans to sign a peace treaty on the same UN floor they were kicked out of. Very Treaty of Versaille.

Robots were once enslaved, now the humans will be enslaved by the robots.

  1. While humans are in the Matrix their intellectual power and creativity can be harnessed as well.

A guy in the Matrix works for a computer game company. He thinks programming AI for a monster in a FPS. The program ends up running a sentinel.

A guy in the Matrix thinks he’s hacking into a secret government computer. He is tricked into hacking Zion’s mainframes.

Ah excellent! Thanks for the information… I think I’ll wait for the DVD all the same, though. :slight_smile:

It seems a minor plot twist that would’ve made the whole thing a lot more plausible would be to have humans around to use the computing power of our melons.

I mean shoot, if they need body heat and such just use cows. Humans are special because of our brains, they could’ve easily worked somethin in about how our brains are needed for the computers to… compute, or something.

ok, I guess I have missed some of the other threads. Sounds like the battery issue has been raised and beaten to death. I will officially suspend the disbelife from this point on. Sorry! :slight_smile:

I enjoyed the 1st movie quite a bit, and I am sure I will enjoy the second and third as well. I thought the animation was great in the shorts, I esp. liked the detective story(from an animation pov, didn’t think it was much of a story)

(ok, I can’t let it die, you are right archmichael that the space flight in SW is all screwed up, but that seems more a technical difficulty than a major plot premise. I mean, here they want to keep people around to supplement their fusion power! W.T.F? ok, now it is really dead, sorry, sorry, sorry.)